Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Word on the street is that 7'0" freshman Tyler Zeller is likely to return to the Tar Heels' lineup tonight against N.C. State. Zeller broke his wrist in the second game of the year. Just in time, we might add...

Evidently, all those non-fouls during the Miami game may have caused the other Tyler (Hansbrough, wimp that he is) to suffer a mild concussion.

"Three different occasions during the game, he took a significant blow to the head,” said UNC coach Roy Williams.
None the less, Williams also confirmed that Hansbrough will play tonight against N.C. State.

"We had him see a specialist today at the hospital," Williams said on Tuesday. "He did not practice yesterday, he sat on the sideline, did not do one thing. The doctor from Miami told us he thought we should get him checked because there was a possibility that he had a concussion during the game. So he saw some people yesterday, took him today, took some tests … and [they] said if he had a concussion, it was the mildest form.”

Well that explains it. If a blow to the head only causes a concussion of the “mildest” form, why slow the game down with a silly foul call.

Hansbrough reported having blurred vision during the game that was not resolved by changing contacts. He also admitted after the game to having a headache during the game.

Hansbrough shot two free throws in the game.

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