Thursday, February 5, 2009


During last night’s blow out loss to Clemson, Duke head coach Mike Krzyrghl9ski was rumored to be seen using his Blackberry with just a few minutes left in the contest.

Sources close to Coach K, who T.A.H. won’t name for moral, ethical and journalistic reasons (Chainsaw Bierman and Vino Grande Williams), claim the Lord of All Things Duke Blue was emailing Norm Oglvie, the Director of Men’s and Women’s Track and Field at the Durham school.

The email message read something like this: "Dear Coach Oglvie: Please cancel indoor track practice tomorrow at the Michael W. Krzyhnmb2wski Center so I, the facilities namesake, can utilize the space built in my glorious honor for basketball practice for the men’s varsity squad. Thank you. Coach K.

P.S. It’s my building, you have no options, so clear the hell out."

Another source (former Dukie Jay Bilas) tipped this story during the national television broadcast when he noted that the players “won’t need a basketball” when they show up for today’s practice following the embarrassing loss.

Track shoes are optional.

*items in italics may not be true.

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