Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Not only is Maryland on a losing streak that includes a 41-point blowout and a blown 16 point first-half lead, but now the Terps are bickering amongst themselves. Not the coaches or the players, but Gary Williams and the Athletic Department he’s been banging heads with for a few years now.

Last night after blowing a first-half lead and losing to Boston College issues surrounding the Terps went public. Regarding the game, Williams pointed out that the his kids play good defense in front of their bench, but lose intensity when they switch sides.

On Monday, the subject was also defense, but this time it was a back-and-forth between Willams and the A.D.’s office over who was responsible for two highly touted recruits deciding to go elsewhere. Williams claimed it wasn’t his decision and then the A.D. office provided the Washington Post with documents refuting him.

No doubt, Williams will eventually say his nemesis, Athletic Director Kay Yow, forced him to release the two -- South Florida's Gus Gilchrist and Kent State's Tyree Evans.

According to the Post:

"Yeah, and it wasn't my fault that they're not here. You know, that was somebody else's call," Williams said.

Kathy Worthington, Maryland's senior associate athletic director, yesterday called Williams's remarks "inaccurate" and said she was "very surprised by Gary's comments because I had been so involved with each recruit."

After Maryland lost to Boston College, 76-67, last night, Williams defended his remarks and his program, and added that "Kathy Worthington doesn't speak for me. She has never won a national championship. She has never done anything. She is an associate AD.

"Why do they jump on me all the time?" Williams said of school officials. "It's somebody else's call. Who said University of Maryland's call? Nobody. Why can't I say that? This is just giving you guys stuff to make me look bad."

And this little gem:
When asked if he gets the support he needs in recruiting from the athletic department, Williams said: "I don't want to get into that now. No comment."

The Post’s Mike Wise also weighed-in on whether or not the Terps can salvage the season.

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