Wednesday, January 28, 2009


An avowed Republican and part-time party fundraiser, Duke head Coach Mike Krzxcudhv5ski reached across the aisle today and asked President Barack Obama to intercede on his Blue Devils’ behalf.

“I asked the President to force the networks to preempt their regularly scheduled programming tonight so all Americans could enjoy watching my No. 1 team play Wake Forest,” said Krzygnbpq2ski. “It was a ‘one leader to another leader’ kind of thing.”

“As I told that stupid newspaper in Raleigh, it’s sad,” said Coach K. “It’s sad that this hard-working group of kids doesn’t get recognized for their accomplishments."

(For the record: Here at T.A.H. we recognize their accomplishments and note that NOBODY is playing better anywhere in the land right now than Coach K’s boys. Their defense is particularly impressive and if they continue to play this way, there won’t be a late season swoon.)

Sources at the Raleigh News & Observer tell T.A.H. that, following Krzyertpk8ski’s eruption after the Devils rise to No. 2 in the polls earlier this month, a story was leaked to Coach K’s Tower of Power affiliating Gary Williams and the Maryland Terps with the perceived snub and lack of coverage of Duke’s incredible run up the poll to the coveted No. 2 spot.

“We think the story we planted had a lot to do with that beatdown they put on Maryland last Saturday,” an N&O staffer reportedly said.

So be sure and tune into ESPN tonight at 7pm, or else…

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