Sunday, January 25, 2009


While the coach and the assistant coach tended to matters revolving around Mexican food and Monster Jam at the Verizon Center, Tom "Blaze" Blaser, most famous in these parts as the ill-fated Captain of the hapless Hacks golf team, took over the reins of the WYSC Girls 9-10 squad previously known as the Dreamsicles (1-1).

Blaze (pictured left demonstrating to no one in particular how to shoot craps) earned Stand-In-Coach-of-the-Week honors with a tremendous performance which started when he actually found the gym.

In a blockbuster 2:45 match up at Coleman Elementary against the vaunted Kase-09 (actual record unavailable at the time of publication, but rumored to be at least 1-0), Blaze, a sports aficionado with a doctorate in all things ACC, simply out coached this "Kase" guy, whoever the heck he is.

Blaze got monster (jam) production from his centers and forwards who scored all four baskets. "The bigs were awesome," said Blaser.

While Grave Digger was scoring a typical double-double, Blaze, a long-time Maryland Terps loyalist who now has not one, but two, boys at Clemson, utilized all the tricks he learned through the years from the likes of Lefty Drisell, Gary Williams, Tates Lock, Bill Foster, Rick Barnes and Press Maravich.

Blaser was assisted by Dr. Dennis "Rusty" Rustom whose daughter leads the squad in both scoring and rebounding. Rustom's basketball coaching resume includes the entries: Mets fan, and this blockbuster: Jets fan. It concludes with: Nets - not so much.

After the game, the girls, with an assist from Assistant Coach Rustom, decided to rename the squad "The Blaze" in honor of their interim coach who led them to their first victory.

Yo, Blaze, practice is at Brumfield at 7:30 on Wednesday.
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