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We were so wrapped up in Miami beating Duke and UNC whoopin' State that we missed this item. While the Terps were pukking up a lead to Virginia Tech, one of the Hokies actually hurled ...on the court. Lucky for you, the rest of the blogsphere did not miss this important event.

According to the Baltimore Sun:

Following a free-throw attempt, players retreated to their respective benches after one Hokies' dinner refused to stay down, making an unexpected appearance on the court.

The game was stopped and fans immediately began chanting, "That's dis-gust-ing!"

On the other end of the arena, a group of students quickly flipped around their popular "Fear the Fro" sign and hastily scribbled on the back, "Fear the mop," as workers took nearly 10 minutes cleaning the court.

Here's the scoop from D.C. Sports Blog, one of our favorites:

Trust me, it's taken all of my self-control to only post twice about last night's vomit incident, but since I had sort of a running dialogue with the Balt Sun's Rick Maese about how high the word "vomit" or its equivalent would appear in today's postgame coverage, I figured I owed the world one media follow-up.

Maese predicted a vomit reference would appear in the first sentence of at least one story, and he was right. Hee earns best in show (tied) for a column headlined "Loss to Va. Tech Tough to Stomach." It took him just one sentence and six words to drop his first vomit pun. I counted at least 10 sentences that referred to the incident, including this broadside plastered onto James Gist: "The guy in charge of mopping the sickness off the Comcast Center court shouldn't go home at night feeling more accomplished than Gist."

The Washington Times comes strong as well, with the headline "Terps gag on lead in loss to Hokies," and more first-sentence sickness:
On a night that featured a delay to clean up after a player grew ill on the court, perhaps it was fitting someone ultimately would regurgitate a lead.


PHOTO ABOVE: That’s Dorenzo Hudson on the left and Niemo of on the right. Whose Niemo you ask?

Niemo graduated VT Class of '98 as a Commonwealth Scholar from the Pamplin School of Business. He attended every home basketball game during his 4 years at VT after missing the first home game. He has attended 84 straight VT football home games (every game since '94). During the final home basketball game of his senior year, he was brought onto the court and was fetted by The Hokie Bird on behalf of Athletic Director Jim Weaver. Niemo was known to be in the front row of every home game with his familiar red afro hairdo. Niemo currently lives in NOVA and speaks the Hokie gospel as often as possible. (Photo courtesy of


It's just not a very good week for the University of New Jersey at Durham...

BALTIMORE SUN: For years, they had met over sandwiches and Bloody Marys at tailgate parties before their sons' games.

But yesterday, parents of the 2006 Duke lacrosse team gathered for a more somber purpose: to announce a federal court suit against the university and others for "tremendous suffering" endured after three players were falsely accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a party.

The suit, brought by 38 members of the 2006 team and nine family members, accuses Duke of abandoning the players and ignoring evidence that, according to the families, showed that the rape allegations were manufactured.

Duke, the suit says, "lent credibility to the rape allegations by capitulating to an angry mob's demands to condemn and punish the innocent players and their blameless coach."

The plaintiffs don't include the three players - David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann - who had faced sexual assault charges. They reached financial settlements with Duke last year. Finnerty has transferred to Loyola, and Seligmann transferred to Brown. Evans, who played at Bethesda's Landon School, has graduated.



What the buck, over?

Party down under!

Here's a nice story from the Syndey Daily Telegraph -- with TAH translations for those of you who don't speak Austrailian:

As drunken pranks go it doesn't get more stupid (stupid) than this.

A man (drunk dude) celebrating his buck's day (batchelor party) with 26 of his mates (more drunk dudes) thought it would be funny to strip off and be first past the post (finish line) at the Moruya racetrack. Problem was a race involving real horses was tearing down the home straight when the streaker made his mad dash (drunken stumble and face plant).

Jockey Tracy O'Hara was almost sent crashing to the turf when her horse Morcombe took fright as the streaker staggered on to track. O'Hara was "upset and annoyed'' by the streaker's foolish antics. Racing NSW stewards, however, were forced to scrap the race because of the interference which angered punters and owners keen (anxious) to win some cash (cash).

Steward Craig Yeo could not recall a previous time when a streaker stopped a race. (He's obviously never been racing in England.)

A 31-year-old man (drunk dude) was arrested and later issued with a court attendance notice (booked) for offensive conduct (drunk in public). He will face Batemans Bay Local Court where the police also expect to charge the man with entering enclosed lands (trespassing).

But the situation only got worse for the man and his mates when they returned to town that night, only to be told they were no longer welcome (when it rains it pours).

Waterfront Hotel owner Greg Hargraves said the intoxicated punters (horse race bettors) were already starting to blither (slur their words) when they checked in (they were shitfaced).



The media loves the Pac 10 frequently calling it the best basketball conference in the nation.

C’mon…that’s CRAZY TALK!

Just a few days ago, USC sent out a rather interesting stat. Heading into Thursday night's games, Pac-10 teams were 31-32 at home this season. That falls far short of the ACC (37-26), SEC (39-23), Big(gest Little) Ten (40-30), Big (L)East (66-37) and Not So Big 12 (42-20) and shows just how balanced the Pac-10 is this season.

FEBRUARY 17: O.J. Mayo #32 of the USC Trojans brings the ball upcourt against the UCLA Bruins in the first half during their Pac-10 Conference game at the Galen Center on February 17, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. The Bruins defeated the Trojans 56-46. (Photo by Victor Decolongon/Getty Images)


DROP THE PHONE AND SLOWLY BACK AWAY...Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson looks on from the bench during the first half of a college basketball game against Purdue in Bloomington, Ind. in this Feb. 19, 2008 file photo.

Sampson has agreed to a $750,000 buyout with the school, university spokesman Larry MacIntyre said. Sampson is under constant NCAA scruitiny for violating rules which govern the number and type of conatcts with potential recruits.

(AP Photo/Darron Cummings and David E. Klutho/SI)


WELCOME TO THE TOUR DE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA...What lovely place, what a lovely pace...

Where the only performance enhancing drug is a nice oakey chardonnay.

The Astana lead peloton tries to chase down the break after crossing the Bixby Bridge on The Pacific Coast Highway during a rain soaked Stage 4 of the Amgen Tour of California on February 21, 2008 from Seaside to San Luis Obispo, California.

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Dominique Rollin of Canada and riding for Toyota United takes one last look back as he heads for the finish line alone to claim victory in a rain soaked Stage 4 of the Amgen Tour of California.

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)


SAY IT THREE TIMES REALLY FAST...Sultan-Achmed Magomedsalichowitsch Ibragimov.


Vladimir Klitschko (l) of Ukraine and Sultan-Achmed Magomedsalichowitsch Ibragimov (r) of Russia pose after the weigh in at the Madison Square Garden on February 21, 2008 in New York.
The WBO and IBF/IBO Unification Heavywight World Championship fight between Klitschko and Ibragimov will take place at the Madison Square Garden tonight.
(Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Bongarts/Getty Images)


GREG ODEN IS REALLY BORED...Don't beleive the #1 NBA draft pick is tired of sitting around doing nothing after a knee injury placed on the bench for the entire season? Just check out the Mr. T haircut.

Got a better explanation?

(Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images)


CHEER FOR THE RED, WHITE...AND BLACK? Maybe all these guys are Terps and that explains the color scheme?

Steven Holcomb, Pavle Javanovic, Steve Mesler and Brock Kreitzburg of the USA compete during the Bobsleigh World Championships 2008 on February 23, 2008 in Altenberg, Germany.

(Photo by Boris Streubel/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Friday, February 22, 2008


The good news for the Wahoos is they didn’t lose yet another road game.

The good news for the Yellow Jackets is it appears the school actually cares about the safety of its students and its athletes.

Last night’s game between the two was postponed due to a leak in the Alexander Memorial Coliseum roof. described the move as “a precautionary measure for the safety of the student-athletes.”

The two schools will determine a make-up date in the near future.

The Cavs have a little history with such things. A few year's back during an ACC/BIG 10 (not a) Challenge game at the Richmond Coliseum was stopped due to a slippery floor caused by condensation from the hockey ice under the basketball court.

That game v. Michigan State was not made-up. Had it been, no matter which Big 10 team it was, the Hoos would have won because the ACC OWNS the Big 10. (At least for now.)


Is that Spring we smell wafting on the gentle breeze? The next thing you know we’re thinking palm trees, cactus and spring baseball.

Don’t you just love MLB? Don’t cha?

Well, we saw this nice picture of the Phillies tossin’ around the ol’ pill, and it made us think of a baseball classic…One of our favorite sports songs of all time.

Take me out to the ball game,
Take me out with the crowd.

Buy me some peanuts and H.G.H,

I don't care how much my head aches.

Let me clear and cream for the home team,

If my hats not size 12 it’s a shame.

For it's one, two, three doses, you're out,

Unless Clemens pitches the game.

Ow, that damn needle is sharp…

Anybody seen Barry Bonds?

Enjoy spring training.

Philadelphia Phillies line up for the long toss drill before the start of their baseball spring training session in Clearwater, Fla., Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic)


Northern Illinois University is getting a supportive gesture from Virginia Tech, which faced its own campus shooting tragedy last year. The Virginia Tech athletics department this week is encouraging its fans to wear Northern Illinois colors (red and black) to the Hokies' basketball game Saturday against Georgia Tech:

The Virginia Tech men's basketball team will host Georgia Tech Saturday, February 23 at 2 p.m. All fans attending the game are encouraged to wear red and black to show their support for the Northern Illinois University community.
Many universities, schools, groups and individuals reached out to the Hokie Nation after the tragedy of April 16th. Our university was comforted by the outpouring of support from the nation and the world. This is a chance for all members of the Virginia Tech family to show solidarity and concern for all of those members in the NIU family.

Good on ya, Hokies.
(Editor's Note: We know we owe you a follow-up to the JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS post. Will do shortly after we have time to read up on the subject a little more.)


Hey, what’s up with all the court storming after a victory?

The Wake Forest students storm the floor after they upset #2 Duke who was 22-1 at the time. We get that. K-State fans storm the court after winning for the first time at home v. Kansas in something like 182 years…we get that, too. Miami beating Duke for the first time in 45 years…Storm at will.

But, the fans of the Big Orange stormed the court last weekend when their squad knocked off then #8 Georgetown who was 19-3. We know Syracuse and G’town are big rivals, but really now?

The Hoyas are 21-4 and that includes a 5-4 road record in the Big (L)East. That’s just one more loss away from saying you are supposed to beat them on your home court…A 5-4 road record does not a court storming make…

We need some “guidelines,” yes?

(AP Photo/Kevin Rivoli)


Stung by the red paint that was thrown on the Old Well on the UNC campus at Chapel Hill, some motivated, if perhaps misdirected, young Tar Heels took a measure of revenge on the NCSU campus in Raleigh.

It's called the ''Free Expression Tunnel'' at N.C. State, and some Heels used it to freely express their pleasure over the Tar Heels' 84-70 victory Wednesday night over the Pack.

The 150-foot underground tunnel on campus was painted Carolina blue hours after the UNCs' victory at the RBC Center. The final score was highlighted in black paint while the Carolina logo and UNC's Old Well were painted in white.

The ''expressions'' included: ''Rednecks!'' and ''Go Blue!'' and ''Roy doesn't need a red suit.''
NCSU students quickly added their own ''expressions,'' such as: ''Look, mommy, we beat an unranked team, let's drive 30 miles to rub it in because we have no class.'' (You gotta admit, that's a good one.)

Another read: ''I knew there was a reason I hated Karolina.'' (Just kidding about the "K.")

Moral of the story: All’s as it should be in late February on Tobacco Road.
(TarDog Photo 2007)


Most fans sit around in the local watering hole or at the water cooler and complain about coaches, GMs and players. Others call into sports talk radio, gripe in chat rooms or read blogs – just like your doing right now – to stay informed, brag, complain or commiserate about their favorite team.

One such group of fans in England took it a step further.

They bought the team.

Members of fans' website MyFootballClub will formally completed the takeover of Blue Square Premier side Ebbsfleet United on Tuesday.

In January more than 18,000 members voted on the £635,000 takeover, with 95.8% backing the Kent club's purchase. Each of its members will all own an equal share in the club.

The deal is believed to represent the first website-community takeover of a football/soccer club or business, for that matter, in the world.

Members will be able to vote on team selection, player transfers as well as other decisions affecting the club.

MyFootballClub has more than 28,000 members, spread over 80 countries.

The first Internet team selection is scheduled to take place in March.

First order of business: Ebbsfleet announced sportswear manufacturer Nike will manufacture home and away strips from next season after 91.26% of the 13,809 members voted to accept their offer to supply kit and merchandise.

Strips? Is that English for Unis?

Here’s more:

An Ebbsfleet United football fan holds a glass of champagne at Bluewater, Kent, in south-east England, on February 19, 2008. (Photo Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images)


Like anybody cares...

ROANOKE TIMES: A.J. Vasallo proud of his Puerto Rican heritage, so proud he once had the flag shaved into the back of his hair.

RALEIGH NEWS-OBSERVER: Columnist Carlton Tutor makes a case for Tyler Hansbrough being named All-Everything – “He's the league's player of the year, the first-half player of the year, second-half player of the year, most overworked player of the year, clutch player of the year, home player, road player, day player, afternoon player and night player.” But, he lacks a title.

MIAMI HERALD – Canes beat Duke…why not read about all over again?

ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION – State legislature says this is Yellow Jacket country, votes to bar out-of-state schools having state license plates.

TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT – For the first time in five years, FSU has landed a McDonalds All-American.

WASHINGTON POST – Nice story about Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen.


BAD SOCCER UNI FRIDAY...and here are a couple of peaches.

Do vertical stripes make me look fat?

Marseille's Mathieu Valbuena, left, fights for the ball with Spartak Moscow Maidana during their UEFA Cup round of 32 second leg soccer match at the Luzhniki stadium in Moscow, Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008.

FC Basel's David Degen (l) reacts after Sporting Lisbon's Leandro Grimi scored his second goal during their UEFA Cup third round soccer match in Basel February 21, 2008.
Call Olympian Michael Johnson quick. Some soccer dude stole his gold shoes!

Oh, and the Cat In The Hat socks...yike!

(AP Photo/Sergey Ponomarev and Reuters Photo/Christian Hartmann)


NEWS FLASH: TIGER'S GOOD...Woods and Stricker move on, Lefty out.

Tiger Woods hits his tee shot on the foufth hole during the second round matches of the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship at The Gallery at Dove Mountain on February 21, 2008 in Marana, Arizona.

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)


EV-I-DENTLY, HIKING UP YOUR SHORTS IS NOT A COMPLIMENT IN TURKISH...Bayer Leverkusen's Bernd Schneider (c) gestures after preparing a free-kick as Galatasaray Istanbul's midfielder Hakan Sürkür (l) and Ümit Karan react during their UEFA cup round of 32 football match on February 21, 2008 at the BayArena in Leverkusen. Leverkusen won 5-1.

You gotta admit, Sürkür looks a little silly. Or maybe he's just really proud of his sticks?

(Photo by Juergen Schwarz/AFP/Getty Images)


THERE HE GOES LOOKIN' ALL PRESIDENTIAL...or is that just a Kenny Stabler imitation?

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill. poses with a football during a tour of the University of Texas, Thursday, Feb. 21, 2008, in Austin, Texas.

(AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)


WE BELIEVE WE CAN FLY...'cause we can. Lindsey Jacobellis of the USA (l), Sandra Frei, Olivia Nobs and Tanja Frieden of Switzerland fly through the air in the Snowboardcross Heat 3 of Snowboard FIS World Cup 2008 Gifu/Gujo on February 22, 2008 in Gujo, Gifu, Japan.

In case you didn't know, Jacobellis is the Sharapova of women's snowboarding.

(Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well, obviously not everybody, but the Unofficial Official Duke Injury Report is the buzz of the internet!

As a result of some great placement, TAH zoomed by the 20,000 hit mark mid-morning as over 800 folks have visited TAH so far today! Thank you, Yardbarker for making it the lead story on your widget, and kudos to all the other sites (the Tar Heel Times among others that have posted the story.

Our record for a day is 1,737, so Go Baby Go! (You horseracing folks got that last one…)

We’ve been looking forward to celebrating the big 20,000 for some time so we send out mega-love to all our fans and visitors.

Keep it coming.



First things first: How do you score 95 points and lose?

Oh, yeah…you give up 96.

The Miami Hurricanes beat #4 Duke for the first time in 45 years Wednesday, scoring 15 consecutive points to build a big lead early in the second half and holding on to win 96-95.

Ranked No. 2 just last week, the Blue Devils (22-3 overall, 10-2 ACC) lost for the second time in four days to second-tier ACC teams. Both losses were on the road. Hey, it’s the ACC and it’s February, stuff happens.

"Our team -- there's something missing this week," coach Mike Krzyzfgh5ski said. "We are not the same team these last two ballgames. It's almost like someone has come in and invaded their bodies." (See injury report in the next post).

Miami (18-7, 5-6) beat Duke for the first time since the first game in the series Dec. 21, 1962. The Blue Devils had won all 10 games since.

Taking a page from old Big (L)East rival Virginia Tech’s book, the Miami crowd chanted “Just Like Football.”

James Dew #23, Jonathan Stratton #25 and Landon Glover #10 of the Miami Hurricanes and a fan celebrate victory over the Duke Blue Devils at BankUnited Center on February 20, 2007 in Miami.
Raymond Hicks #42 of the Miami Hurricanes drives around Greg Paulus #3 and Taylor King #20 . (Photos by Doug Benc/Getty Images)


After an otherwise uneventful press conference following Duke’s shocking second straight loss to a second-tier ACC team, head coach Mike Krzyfgvmq9ski leaked an internal “Duke Basketball – For Our Eyes Only” memo to the media.

Cleverly written in Chris Collins' handwriting to create plausible deniability for Coach K, the memo was titled The “Official Unofficial Duke Basketball Injury Report – For Everybody Else’s Eyes Only Because Officially We Don’t Issue Injury Reports Like That Other School (in Chapel Hill.)”

It read as follows:

“Not that it’s any of your damn business, but Coach K’s back hurts just a teeny tiny bit. His condition gets worse as needed.

The Duke Medical Center is confident that Wojo has what they are now calling Wojoitis – a condition that causes pain in the hands from pounding on a hard surface between the ages of 18 and 21. His condition gets worse every 45 years vs. Miami.

Johnny Dawkins has developed a nasty twitch from sitting on the bench in such close proximity to Coach K’s obscenity laced tirades at other ACC coaches, players and refs. His condition gets worse every game.

The report went on to say that: Greg "Raggedy Andy" Paulus has been nursing a bad case of vertigo which causes him to fall on the floor with arms flailing every time he sees the colors Carolina blue, red, green, gold, scarlet, maroon or orange. Again, the Duke Medical Center has stepped in and named the condition “Flops.” Officials there state emphatically that they invented the term. His condition gets worse every 45 years vs. Miami.

DeMarcus “Admiral” Nelson has the worlds’ smallest case of the bends (but, the bends just the same) and a touch of scurvy. His condition gets worse every 45 years vs. Miami.

Gerald "Hitman" Henderson’s amazing vertical leap has led to an illness that manifests itself through spontaneous nose bleeds. If G-Hen sees a picture of Tyler Hansbrough or hears Hansbrough’s
name, his snoz gushes even more than usual. The blood loss causes light headness that leads to turnovers, and poor decisions. His condition gets worse every 45 years vs. Miami.
Brian "I Can't Run, But I Can Walk Much Faster Than This" Zoubek who is recently back from a painful, debilitating (but unreported) “little piggy” injury is still suffering from Into Thin Air Syndrome. This is a condition where The Zoubs height causes his brain to actually believe that he lives in the Death Zone found high on Mt. Everest. This causes him to be tentative and not terribly self-assertive making it unlikely that he will ever fulfill his potential. (Hey, if you thought you could die at any moment, you’d be a little off your game as well.) His condition gets worse every 45 years vs. Miami.

Lance "Nabs" Thomas is battling Perimeter’olet disease. This is an extremely rare disease that makes its victims afraid of any part of the basketball court outside of the “paint.” This is particularly debilitating as the other issue related to this disease is extreme fatigue caused by an irrational fear of Chevrolets. (Thomas’ mother - Lily Irvin, is a head manager at a Ford plant in New Jersey). His condition gets worse every 45 years vs. Miami.

Poor Kyle "LeStat de Lioncourt" Singler is battling a nasty case of Vampireis Epidermis. This is an extremely rare cond
ition that causes the skin to turn so white that it is practically translucent. Subsequently, the skin becomes super sensitive to everything including sunlight and coeds of any type. His condition gets worse every 45 years vs. Miami.

John "Crazy Face" Scheyer has, as has been well documented by TAH, been “afflicted” with mini-seizures since the first day he set foot on the Duke campus and heard Coach K’s shrill scream. According to Scheyer, the bizarre facial contortions aren’t painful, but they are “distracting.” His condition gets worse every 45 years vs. Miami.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with Taylor "Far, Far, Away, Dom" King. He just shoots the damn rock every time he touches it which pisses EVERYBODY off.

His condition couldn’t possibly get any worse.

Ol' Roy could not be reached for comment.

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox and Doug Benc/Getty Images)


The coach of the 2005 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball National Champions the University of North Carolina Tar Heels, Roy Williams announced at his press conference following a routine win over a second-tier ACC Team that point guard Ty Lawson will sit out the remainder of the regular season, the ACC tournament and the first three rounds of the Big Dance.

When asked why, Ol’ Roy said, “To show those other guys that we don’t need him to win when they obviously can’t win with all of their best players on the court, not that we need the coaches to be arguing through the media…”

Williams concluded by saying, “I couldn’t respect that ‘other’ coach any more (or any less! Ta-dum, Ol’ Roy will be here all week, please tip the wait staff), but that fella Frank Haith down at Miami, he’s an up-and-comer.”

In other news: Tar Heels win, see below.

(AP Photo/Gerry Broome)



No doubt, this bunch of Terps has caused Gary Williams some sleepless nights. Last night was just one of those nights as the Terps gave up a bad home loss to the Hokies.

Yeah, it’s the ACC and it’s February, but you aren’t supposed to lose at home to a team you are supposed to beat. Blame the Washington Post which ran a nice story about Hokie freshman Jeff Allen in yesterday’s edition.

Allen had 14 points and 14 rebounds, and Virginia Tech rallied to beat Maryland 69-65 Wednesday night to end a three-game losing streak.

The Hokies (15-11, 6-6 ACC) trailed by 14 in the first half and 47-37 with 11 minutes left, but ended the game with a 32-18 run to earn a rare win at Maryland and sweep the season series from the Terrapins (17-10, 7-5).

A.D. Vassallo scored 19 for Virginia Tech and Deron Washington had 12. The Hokies were coming off a 39-point loss at North Carolina and had not won at Maryland in five tries since 1951.

Maryland's Greivis Vasquez (21) goes to the basket against Virginia Tech's Jeff Allen (0) during the second half of a college basketball game, Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2008, in College Park, Md. Virginia Tech won, 69-65. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)



All-Everything Tyler Hansbrough never forgot the sinking feeling he had when North Carolina State's fans stormed the court to celebrate the Wolfpack's upset of highly ranked North Carolina last year.

"That moment last year was very, very disappointing," he said. "It was in the back of my mind, but I didn't say anything to anybody."

No problem, the junior All-American had 32 points -- including 16 during the decisive 11-minute run -- to help #3 North Carolina beat rival N.C. State 84-70.

Wayne Ellington added 21 points for the Tar Heels (25-2, 10-2 ACC), who led by 20 points to easily avenge last year's 83-79 loss here.

North Carolina played its fifth straight game without Lawson, but the 6-foot-9 Hansbrough came through with another big day finishing 11-for-19 from the field while tallying 12 rebounds and five steals against the Wolfpack (15-11, 4-8).

Tyler Hansbrough #50 of the North Carolina Tar Heels shoots over Javier Gonzalez #10 and J.J. Hickson #1 of the North Carolina State Wolfpack during the second half at RBC Center in Raleigh. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


TAH'S FAVORITE 'CRAZY PERSON'...We hadn't seen him in a while. Nice of him to come visit TAH...

Reigning World Champion Casey Stoner of Australia in action during MotoGP Testing at the Circuito de Jerez, on February 18, 2008 in Jerez, Spain.

(Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)


IT SCARES US, AND WE AIN’T SCARED OF NOTHIN’…It’s called…an on-line dating service for NASCAR fans.

(Photo by Robert Laberge/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Ev-I-Dently, the Wolfpack didn’t like being left out of the latest round of Survivor: Tobacco Road. In order to get some ink, they resorted to paint – red paint on one of the columns of UNC’s Old Well.

The paint was splashed on one of the white columns supporting the Old Well roof. It was repainted white at about 8 a.m.

The vandalism took place on the eve of UNC-Chapel Hill's ACC basketball showdown with N.C. State. The Heels play the Wolfpack at 7 tonight at the RBC Center in Raleigh.

Graffiti chalked on the brick sidewalk surrounding the landmark were also removed.

"All we've got is very limited information," said Department of Public Safety spokesman Randy Young. "There was a cup [with red paint residue] that was left on the scene."

The incident reminded Young of a similar act that occurred before the North Carolina/N.C. State game in 2005. In that incident, Young said he thinks police caught the vandals in the act of stenciling an N.C. State logo onto the bricks.

A member of Wolfpack Nation released a statement saying, "So. Mr. Roy Fella, wudja think about that, huh?"


NORTH CAROLINA @ N.C. STATE, 7:00 PM, Raleigh, N.C., TV: ESPN (XM 190/191)

DUKE @ MIAMI, 9:00 PM, Coral Gables, Fla., TV: RAYCOM (Split) (XM 190)

VIRGINIA TECH @ MARYLAND, 9:00 PM, College Park, Md., TV: RAYCOM (Split) (XM 192)



Clemson had an opportunity last night to solidify their 3rd/4th spot in the ACC. Having been on a roll lately, save the one loss in Chapel Hill where they NEVER win, the Tigers had looked as good as anybody in the ACC.

Then the game at FSU started…

Clank. Clank. Clank.

How about these numbers: 17, 30%, 11% and 52%

That would be points scored in the first half – 17, overall shooting percentage (20-65) – 30%, three pointers (3-27) – 11%, and…drum roll, please…free throw shooting (12-23) – 52%.

Toney Douglas scored 23 points and Jason Rich 22 Tuesday to lead Florida State to a 64-55 win over Clemson, knocking the Tigers out of a third place tie in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Florida State (15-12, 4-8 ACC) made six of its first eight shot to take an early 17-6 lead that it built to 35-17 at halftime, shooting 61.9 percent in the half.

Clemson, meanwhile, was equally cold -- connecting on just 3 of its first 16 attempts.
Clemson (19-7, 7-5) came into the game leading the ACC with a 39.9 team shooting percentage from 3-point distance, but went 3 for 27 from long range, missing 18 of its first 19.

Florida State's Jason Rich gets past the Clemson defense to dunk during the first half of a basketball game Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2008, in Tallahassee, Fla. (AP Photo/Steve Cannon)


North Carolina point guard Ty Lawson probably will miss his fifth straight game with a sprained left ankle.

Coach Roy Williams said Monday during the Atlantic Coast Conference's weekly media teleconference that Lawson is feeling better but isn't expected to play Wednesday night when the third-ranked Tar Heels play at rival North Carolina State.

Lawson sprained the ankle Feb. 3 early in an overtime victory at Florida State. He missed a loss to Duke, a double-overtime victory against Clemson, a one-point victory at Virginia and, most recently, a rout of Virginia Tech.

Also, Williams said starter-by-default Quentin Thomas is battling the flu. Thomas has started the past four games in Lawson's absence.
Then he told Coack K to mind his own damn business (see below).



Seems as Roy Williams and Mike Krzyxvhblpt4ski had a little dust up back in the Big Dance o’ 2000 when Williams was still with the Jayhawks. When Ol' Roy returned to Chapel Hill in 2003, there was hope from the “To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever” crowd for more confrontations between the rival combatants.

So far, it’s been pretty congenial on their end of Tobacco Road until Old Man Marconi got into the fray as the two exchanged words during their weekly radio shows.

According to ACC NOW (a damn good source in our book), after Duke's loss to Wake Forest, Mike Krzyzewski revealed freshman guard Nolan Smith has been playing with an injured knee.
According to a transcript from 850 the Buzz (the radio home of Duke) Coach K said: "Nolan hyper-extended his knee at Maryland and has been dealing with that since - and unlike other schools we don’t release our injuries - so I thought he played a strong game tonight."

The "unlike other schools" was a not-so-thinly veiled reference to the 4077th T.A.R.H.E.E.L.S., who have been releasing daily injury updates on point guard Ty Lawson and several other players who are limping and/or horking.

Williams responded to the verbal jab with one of his own. The Buzz, which airs Williams' weekly radio show, has a clip from Williams' show. The UNC coach said:

"Regardless of what somebody else says about they have injuries too, which is a bunch of bunk, so I don't give a crap what somebody else says, but coach their own damn team, I'll coach my team."

When later asked about his comments during his radio show, Williams said:

“It struck a nerve, because if you guys would leave me alone, I wouldn’t tell you anything. It’s not like I’m getting a dadgum plane and flying it around and saying ‘Roy fell against a wall and banged his nose’ or anything. So we have to do those things, and everybody’s hurt.”

"There’s different stages of being hurt. If you’re hurt and missing games, that’s not exactly like having a hang nail. And so we do have some people getting hurt and missing games, and I don’t think somebody should say we’re putting it in front of the public.”

When he was asked a follow-up, he said:
“Let’s get off that; that’s all I’m saying on that one. We’ve got enough problems without having to have battles through the media. We’ve got to beat State, and they’ve got to beat whoever they have to beat.”

But at the end of the press conference, he added:

“We don’t need arguments with coaches through the media…it’s impossible to have more respect than I have for Mike, but I felt like that comment was aimed towards us.”

Goodnight, goodbye and eff-U.

Any questions?

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Maryland's Greivis Vasquez and Boston College's Tyrese Rice were named Co-ACC Players of the Week while Wake Forest's Jeff Teague garnered ACC Rookie of the Week honors.

Vasquez averaged 22.5 points, 7.5 assists, 6.0 rebounds and was 18-for-31 (.581) from the floor in games against Duke and Florida State.
The Caracas, Venezuela, junior had 25 points, eight rebounds and seven assists in Wednesday's 82-72 loss to No. 2 Duke. In Saturday's 82-72 win over Florida State, Vasquez had 20 points, eight assists and four rebounds.

Rice averaged 30.0 points, 4.5 assists and 4.0 rebounds and was 23-of-42 (.548) from the floor in games against NC State and Virginia. The Richmond, Va., junior had a season-high 32 points to along with six assists, four rebounds and two steals in Thursday's 82-65 win over NC State. In Saturday's 79-74 loss to Virginia, Rice finished with 28 points, four rebounds and three assists.

In earning the league's rookie award for the third time this season, Teague averaged 22.0 points, 3.5 assists and 2.5 rebounds as the Deacons posted victories over Florida State and No. 2 Duke.

In Thursday's 78-70 win in Tallahassee, the Indianapolis, Ind., freshman scored 18 points and handed out six assists.

In Sunday's 86-73 win over the Blue Devils, Teague made seven-of-15 from the floor, including three-for-three from behind the arc, nine-of-13 from the free throw line en route to a game-high 26 points.

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) (AP Photo/Lynn Hey)

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