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Recently we ran a post about James Davis entering the NFL draft. Here is the amended version:

Running back James Davis, part of Clemson's "Thunder and Lightning" backfield the past two years, has decided (not) to give up his senior season (and not)...enter April's NFL draft.

"I can't lie to you, it was really hard for me just to leave here, (so, I'm not)" Davis said Wednesday night after meeting with coach Tommy Bowden for about 30 minutes.

Davis was projected as a third-round pick by the NFL and Bowden thought (still thinks) it was (is) in his player's best interest to remain one more season. "But I'm going to totally support the decision (which was a lie) and I'm going to encourage him to come back and get his degree," Bowden said.

Davis said he (still) isn't concerned about other high-profile junior runners who have entered the draft like Ray Rice of Rutgers and Kevin Smith of Central Florida (because he's staying).


Virginia quarterback Jameel Sewell is one of four football players not enrolled in classes this semester.

The university said in a release Thursday that privacy laws preclude it from commenting any further, but the announcement comes one day after a new semester started at Virginia, suggesting the players are academically ineligible.

That would keep Sewell, a sophomore who started every game as the Cavaliers went 9-4 last season, junior cornerback Chris Cook, redshirt freshman linebacker Darnell Carter and redshirt freshman Chris Dalton from participating in spring practice.

(In the picture above, Sewell is seen running away from his American Cultural Studies professor.)


A: I wasn't.

The editor of Golfweek magazine said he was overwhelmed by negative reaction to the photo of a noose on the cover of this week's issue, illustrating a story about the suspension of a Golf Channel anchor for using the word "lynch" in an on-air discussion about how to beat Tiger Woods.

"We knew that image would grab attention, but I didn't anticipate the enormity of it," Dave Seanor, vice president and editor of the weekly magazine, said from the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla.

"There's been a huge, negative reaction," he said. "I've gotten so many e-mails. It's a little overwhelming."

Among the critics was PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem, who said he found the imagery to be "outrageous and irresponsible."

"It smacks of tabloid journalism," Finchem said in a statement. "It was a naked attempt to inflame and keep alive an incident that was heading to an appropriate conclusion."

Yesterdatm Seanor was fired.

GolfWeek apologized.


By A.J. Carr, Staff Writer Raleigh News&Observer
During his basketball coaching career at North Carolina, Dean Smith orchestrated many memorable comebacks.

Now the Hall of Fame coach, who will be 77 next month, is trying to stage another comeback -- from physical problems after knee replacement surgery last month.

"I'm fine," Smith said late Friday. "I'll be cheering like mad tomorrow" when UNC plays Maryland.

Smith's wife Linnea said her husband's knee is "great," but that he had "cardiological and neurological complications" after the Dec. 3 operation. He was discharged, readmitted for rehabilitation, then discharged again Jan. 11.

"It was a big insult [to his body]," Linnea Smith said.
"He's working on physical therapy; he's better, and he's looking forward to playing golf again."

Linnea Smith, a psychiatrist, would not give details about the cardiology and neurological issues. Smith is a private man who doesn't want his medical matters publicized, his wife said. Smith also said he didn't want people to make a big deal of his recovery.


Here's what the real mild mannered reporters are saying nationwide...and some not so mild mannered ones:

BALTIMORE SUN – Adrian Bowie, from ball boy to major college basketball player.,0,7760028.story

ROANOKE TIMES – Dave Leitao’s first two recruiting classes aren’t very productive.

ROANOKE TIMES – Brandon Ore gets a mulligan.

ATLANTA CONSTITUTION JOURNAL – Readers are unhappy with the coach Paul Hewitt referring to him as P-Hew.

RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER – New Pack offense is buggering up Costner.

TALLAHASSEE DEMOCRAT – It’s looking like the new FSU AD will be a Seminole.

MIAMI HERALD – Olympian in mix for new UM AD.


Two men were arrested and charged Thursday for the accident that eventually killed Jason Ray, the 21-year-old former University of North Carolina mascot, who was in New Jersey as the Tar Heels played in the NCAA East Regional.

Gagik Hovsepyan, 52, of Paramus, N.J. and his 25-year-old son Armen Hovsepian, also of Paramus, were charged, Bergen County prosecutor John Molinelli announced. The younger Hovsepian had claimed he was driving while the older actually was according to witnesses.(Editor's note: we don't know why their last names are spelled differently, but according to various news outlets that is how you spell them...)

Armen Hovsepian was charged with one count of driving while suspended in a fatal motor vehicle accident and one count of hindering apprehension. He faces as much as five years in prison. Gagik Hovsepyan was charged with one count of hindering apprehension, one count of obstructing administration of law and one count of making a false statement under oath. Molinelli said he faces up to 18 months in prison.


According to David Flemming, president of Donate Life America, Ray's story has likely been responsible for helping register more than 46,000 new organ donors, a number that could result in saving the lives of more than 163,000 people.

Next week, the National Consortium for Academics and Sport will honor Ray with one of its,"Giant Steps" Awards. And in February, the Ray family is being honored by the New Jersey Sharing Network, the organ procurement organization that handled Jason's case.

"It just amazes us how this story continues to touch people," Emmitt said. "Jason would be so incredibly proud." -- Wayne Drehs/ESPN


ADIOS, AMIGO/AMIGA....Chess wiz and certified crazy person Bobby Fischer and flamboyant old boy network bustin' NFL owner Georgia Frontiere have both died.

Fischer, who was 64, suffered kidney failure on Thursday. He had been cared for at his home in Reykjavik, Iceland, where he had lived for the past 15 years.

Born in Chicago and raised in Brooklyn, Fischer became America's first and only world chess champion after defeating Spassky in Iceland in 1972. The encounter, which riveted television audiences around the world, came to be seen as a symbol of Cold War rivalry.

He went completely crackers in his later life espousing anti-Semite political views and ultimately calling the 911 attacks "good news."

Frontiere was 80 and had battled breast cancer. She is survived by a son, a daughter and six grandchildren. Frontiere, one of the most prominent women in the history of the National Football League, inherited the Rams from her husband, Carroll Rosenbloom, who died in 1979.

At the time the team was based in Anaheim, California; she later moved the franchise to St. Louis, making her a popular figure there when the Rams won the Super Bowl and a figure of derision in Southern California.


YOU AIN'T GOT TO GO HOME, BUT YOU GOTTA GET UP ON OUTTA HERE...UCLA is asking fans to leave former coach John Wooden alone during home basketball games.

John Wooden, 97, gets around with a cane when he goes to Pauley Pavilion to catch UCLA games. The coach a popular draw at his seat behind the Bruins' bench, with people forming a line to get his autograph any time he shows up.

The "no autographs" request was announced Wednesday by UCLA at the request of Wooden's family. "It all wears on him," UCLA spokesman Marc Dellins said. "He just wants to be able to come and enjoy the games."



NORTH CAROLINA: Marvin Williams #24 of the Atlanta Hawks dunks the ball in front of Chris Bosh #4 (Georgia Tech) of the Toronto Raptors at the Air Canada Centre January 18, 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

(Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images)

GEORGIA TECH: Jarrett Jack #1 of the Portland Blazers celebrates against the Miami Heat on January 18, 2008 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

(Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images)

DUKE: Luol Deng #9 of the Chicago Bulls drives against Stephen Jackson #1 of the Golden State Warriors on January 18, 2008 at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois.

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

WAKE FOREST: Forward Josh Howard #5 of the Dallas Mavericks takes a shot against Chauncey Billups #1 (Colorado) and Rasheed Wallace #36 (UNC) with Rip Hamilton (UConn) of the Detroit Pistons on January 9, 2008 at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Friday, January 18, 2008


Saturday, Jan 19

AIR HOKIE @ GEORGIA TECH, 1:00 PM, Atlanta, Ga., TV: RAYCOM (XM 190)

MARYLAND @ #1 NORTH CAROLINA, 3:30 PM, Chapel Hill, N.C., TV: ABC (XM 191)

CLEMSON @ #5 DUKE, 6:00 PM, Durham, NC, TV: ESPN (XM 192)

BOSTON COLLEGE @ VIRGINIA, 8:00 PM, Charlottesville, Va., TV: RAYCOM (XM 191)

#24 MIAMI @ NC STATE, 8:00 PM, Raleigh, N.C., TV: RAYCOM (XM 190)


Bobby Frasor’s season-ending knee injury suffered against Nevada on Dec. 27 will take up to six months to rehab. That should have Frasor back dribbling in time for his senior season, but plans are already being made for an appeal to the NCAA for a Medical Hardship Waiver.

According to Paul Lucas at, three conditions must be met for a waiver case to be open and shut:

1. The injury must be incapacitating (Frasor easily meets this one)

2. It has to occur in the first half of the season (Again, no problem)

3. The injury must occur before the student-athlete participates in more than 30 percent of his team's scheduled games. Number three, obviously, is the part that must be appealed, and the appeal can't be filed until the end of the season. The way the NCAA counts games, the Tar Heels are slated to play 32 games this year (the NCAA Tournament doesn't count). Frasor played in 12, meaning he appeared in 38 percent of Carolina's games. By NCAA math, he could have appeared in 10 games and remained under the 30 percent threshold (the NCAA rounds up 9.6 to 10).

So two games are at issue. To admittedly prejudiced Carolina fans, that might sound like a tiny figure. But the NCAA makes rules for a reason, and all involved acknowledge that the chances of receiving the medical redshirt are slim.
Despite the bleak outlook for an additional season, Frasor remains remarkably philosophical about his fortunes.

"This isn't a tragedy," he says. "Jonas (Sahratian) gave me a quote: `Champions don't make comebacks, they overcome setbacks.' That's been in my head ever since…

This recent photo seems to indicate that when it comes to the suits out in Kansas City, Frasor isn’t quite as "philosophical."


The boys over at AOL Fanhouse think Duke’s Greg Paulus took a flop (or maybe two) against Florida State. It looks to us like the first play is a full blown flop – it’s not the best angle, but we don’t think the Seminoles’ Ryan Reid got much of him at all – certainly not enough to drop him like a rock.

The second play – a punch in the scrum – looks like it could lead to some unpaid vacation for Mr. Reid. However, do note how Paulus leaped into the loose ball fray with a big round house and then crashed to the floor…

You be the judge.


…like Tyrone Davis, as opposed to R Kelly…

This story isn’t new, but on the heels of “Selig v. Shays 1 – The Mispronunciation Festival On Performance Enhancing Drugs,” we thought it worth sharing. It comes from the folks at You’ve Been Blinded:

Naming people in steroid investigations is the in thing. Every other week, somebody gets accused of or admits to taking the juice. With the notable exception of Sylvester Stallone, the 'roid user is usually an athlete.

The investigation into the Albany, New York-Orlando, Florida Signature pharmacy drug trafficking ring has turned up over 10,000 names.. None more surprising than Mary J. Blige and Tyler Perry. 50 Cent and Timbaland were also named, along with Wyclef Jean, but everybody knew Fiddy and Timb were on something.

The best part of the investigation? Check out the name Mary J. Blige used to receive shipments:

Between August 2005 and January 2007 Blige allegedly received multiple shipments from an Orlando pharmacy of Jentropin, a human growth hormone, and Oxandrolone, an anabolic steroid, in orders sent to her at the Beverly Hills Hotel, MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and Clay Gym in New York City. At least one of the orders was mailed under the name “Marlo Stanfield,” which is the character name of a drug kingpin on the Baltimore-based HBO crime drama “The Wire.”

50 Cent’s is even better: Jackson is alleged to have received shipments of steroids at his mansion in Farmington, Conn. in July 2006 an order was mailed to his residence under the name “Michael Jordan” and also at a residence on Oakmont Drive in Los Angeles. Steroids in his name also were mailed to the office of a Long Island chiropractor.

Curtis Jackson goes by Michael Jordan when he orders steroids to Mike Tyson’s old crib if you like keeping track of those sort of things.. Fif should give performance enhancers to his sales the next time he challenges Kanye West.

We asked THA Pop Culture Editor Young A.T. if this were true, and she confirmed the story:

“Yes it’s true; however, they’re referring primarily to human growth hormone which is being used in some circles as anti-aging techniques, not to bulk up (but for 50, who knows?)

I don’t think Mary J is trying to improve her jump shot.”

Stay tuned.


For years, we have emphatically advocated the Midnight Rule: Nothing Good Ever Happens After Midnight. “Good” in that “stay out of prosecutable trouble” sort of way.

Today, we add the “Pacman Addendum” a subset of the rule, or perhaps, as Captain Barbossa of Black Pearl fame says of the Pirate's Code, "it's more like a guideline.”

Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2 A.M. – it’s not being in a strip club that gets Pacman in trouble, it seems to constantly be that he’s there at 3 a.m. So, just get out of there by 2 – 2:30 and it’s all good.

Problem solved.

Oh by the way, Wanda Jackson dropped the charges against Pacman. So either he didn’t "sucker punch" her in the nose at 3 a.m. in an Atlanta strip club, or he did and now she’s OK with it.

Who knows?


Here’s to hoping the guy on the far left keeps coaching and winning…(We can’t believe we just wrote that…yike!)

Bob Knight's Texas Tech Red Raiders used a game-turning run late in the first half and another one early in the second half to pull away from No. 10 Texas A&M, 68-53, thus giving Knight his 900th career victory before a season-high crowd of 11,268 at United Spirit Arena.

Knight, 67, became the first men's basketball coach in Division I history to reach 900 career wins and only the third overall, joining Tennessee women's coach Pat Summitt and former Texas women's coach Jody Conradt.

As the game was ending, some tortillas were thrown onto the court before Knight addressed the crowd. (We don't know why, but we will try to find out.)

According to the Dallas Morning News (TAH disclaimer so you don't think we are making stuff up...again), later while addressing the media, Knight was asked to say a few words about reaching 900 career wins, Knight said, "I'm [expletive] glad it's over – that's a few words."

Knight also said,l "I'm happy that I've been able to coach this long...That's a mark of longevity as much as anything else, so I'm just glad I lived this long."

And, reluctantly, so are we.

Nice, Bobby, NICE!


Kansas coach Mark Mangino won the Paul "Bear" Bryant Award on Thursday as the college football coach of the year.

He deserved it.

"I'm honored to win Coach Bryant's award," said Mangino, who coached the Jayhawks to an 12-1 record and a win in the Orange Bowl. "It's a reflection on the people who made our program great, the players, the assistant coaches and others in the school.

Mangino was also the AP's coach of the year and won the Eddie Robinson Award handed out by the Football Writers Association of America.

Kansas set school records for wins in a season and highest ranking, when Kansas was ranked No. 2 in the nation in November.

The Jayhawks were among the nation's top teams in scoring offense, total offense, scoring defense and total defense and led the nation in fewest penalties and turnover margin.

Mangino took the award over seven finalists including Les Miles, who coached LSU to the national championship, Missouri's Gary Pinkel and Frank Beamer of Virginia Tech.

The Bryant award is chosen by the National Sportscasters Association in conjunction with the American Heart Association.

Like we said, ironic.

(AP Photos/David J. Phillip and Steve Helber)


RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH, COKE BAD, IKE DEAD…Ike Turner, an important songwriter, producer, guitarist, pianist, bandleader, talent scout and husband of Anna Mae Bullock (Tina Turner), died recently at age 76 of what the San Diego medical examiner’s office called “cocaine toxicity.”

Little known is the fact that many credit Turner with the first rock and roll song – Rocket 88 – a blistering R&B number released in 1951.

But our favorite Ike moment occurred on a talk show when the Clarksdale, Mississippi native was asked outright if he abused then wife Tina?

His answer went like this: “I never beat Tina, but if I did, and, I never did…but, if I did…and, I’m here to tell you that I never ever did, but, if I did, look how good she turned out.”

Nice, Ike, NICE!


SO MANY EYES, SO MANY PROBING EYES...This is the general view of the Rod Laver Arena where matches are held for the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne.

This is the huge crowd of thousands of eyes that U.S. player Mardy Fish had to contend with when he found himself looking for a few brief moments to pick his nose.

"OK, just go nice and slow, and wait for a moment when everybody's distracted by my naked foot..."

(Photos by William West and Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images)


BONO GONE MAD...? Has the U2 front man switched allegiances?...Naahh...It's just a crazy American fan showing his support for Mardy "Nose Picker" Fish during his third round match with Jarkko Nieminen of Finland on day five of the Australian Open 2008.

(Photo by Lucas Dawson/Getty Images)


BAD UNI ALERT...AGAIN, SOME MORE...Wow, just put the Washington Caps cute little pink helmet on the French Rugby guys and you got yoursef an entry for the Bad Uni Hall O' Fame.
Not to mention a par-tay.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.



FRIDAY'S BLOG is under construction...It will be up by 8:30 a.m. EST -- see ya then.

Is that Michael Jordan?

Oh my...

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Virginia Tech tailback Branden Ore has withdrawn his name from consideration for the NFL draft and will return for his senior season, according to a press release yesterday from Tech's athletic department.

"I am determined to make my family and my teammates, along with the university and its fans, proud," Ore said, according to the release. "I plan on helping Virginia Tech to another successful season."

On Tuesday, Ore filed paperwork to declare for the April draft, and had until the end of Friday to withdraw his name as long as he didn't hire an agent.

Branden Ore #28 of the Virginia Tech Hokies is chased by Chris Harris #16 of the Kansas Jayhawks during the FedEx Orange Bowl. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)



It was snowing in Atlanta, and UNC hadn’t won in Georgia Tech's building since 2001.

Now they have, but just barely.

Simply put, the now 7-9 (0-3 ACC) Yellow Jackets played incredibly well, but the Tar Heels kept coming. A close game came down to a few key plays at the end, and Lady Luck was clearly wearing Carolina Blue.

Tied late at 82, Danny Green missed a shot that he probably shouldn’t have taken. The Heels (18-0. 3-0 ACC) stopped Tech's next offensive possession, and Green was fouled on the rebound. He made the first and missed the second for an 83-82 lead. Paul Hewitt’s squad had the ball with 15.2 seconds left, but no timeouts.

They got off two good shots in the paint, but missed them both as the first was blocked by Hansbrough. Hewitt wanted a foul, but it’s the ACC and you’re just not gonna get a foul called short of a full blown tackle in the final 30 seconds of a close game. After all, it was Hansbrough who was bleeding.

GT out rebounded the Heels, and scored 16 first half points off of offensive rebounds. Both teams were 80% from the line, and blocks, turnovers and steals were virtually identical.

The key numbers for the Jackets were rebounds and 8 made three pointers (UNC only made 2), and the big stat for UNC was free throws (they made 24 of 26) with the majority coming from Hansbrough (27 points, 11 rebounds) who was grinding in the paint all night.

Give Georgia Tech credit as they held both Danny Green and Wayne Ellington under their scoring averages. Ellington only had 7 points. G-Tech had four guys in double figures.

The Yellow Jackets gave top ten teams Indiana and Kansas trouble earlier this season.

After last night’s performance, we aren’t surprised.

North Carolina's Ty Lawson (5) goes to the basket as Georgia Tech's D'Andre Bell (13) defends in the first half of a basketball game Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2008 in Atlanta. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)


TONIGHT WE'RE GONNA PARTY LIKE IT'S 1968! -- the Collegiate


JOHN PAUL ROADS, by Dave “Denver” Leitao
Take me home, John Paul Jones,
To the place I belong.
Charlottesville, Virginia.
Piedmont mamas.
Take me home, John Paul Jones…

What? The Hoos lost at JPJ Arena?

But, the Cavs have NEVER lost an ACC game in JPJA!


Deron Washington's driving layup lingered on the rim and finally fell through at the buzzer of overtime Wednesday night, giving Virginia Tech its first victory in its rival's home city since the 1969-70 season.

The Hokies (11-6, 2-1 ACC) held Virginia without a point for the final 3 1/2 minutes of the extra period in erasing a 69-64 disadvantage. Washington's winning shot came after he drove around one defender and under another for the shot.

At the risk of offending the Ho-O.T.-okies, as you can see from the photo, it was kind of a chickens#*% shot...BUT, it went in!

Sean Singletary scored 34 in the losing effort.

Virginia Tech's Deron Washington (13) launches the game-winning basket as Virginia's Adrian Joseph (30), Mike Scott (32) and Sean Singletary (44) defend during the closing seconds of overtime. (AP Photo/Steve Helber)


It got a little chippy down in Tallahassee, as the Noles were looking to defeat Duke for the third straight time. (With his punch to the face of the prone Greg Paulus, Ryan Reid will likely earn himself a suspension.)

Punch or no puch, it didn't matter.

Jon "Crazy Face" Scheyer scored 21 points and #5 Duke made eight straight free throws in the final 1:34 to beat Florida State 70-57 on Wednesday night, snapping an unlikely two-game losing streak to the Seminoles.

Florida State took its only lead of the second half at 55-54 on Jason Rich's layup with 3:45 left before Duke put the game away with a closing 16-2 run.

The Seminoles kept the game close, but froze up at crunch time scoring 3 points in the final 3:45 of the second half.

Duke's Jon “Crazy Face” Scheyer makes a crazy face. (AP Photo/Steve Cannon)


Just yesterday, the Bard of Steeltown, Beano Cook said the “biggest risks to the United States are middle-Eastern terrorists and the United States Congress.”

Amen, Beano. Amen.

Tuesday, MLB fat cats Bud Selig and Donald Fehr were on Capitol Hill to talk about the Mitchell Report and performance enhancing drugs in baseball. Now if you are gonna ask questions in a Congressional hearing, shouldn’t you do a little homework first?

Mike and Mike of ESPN Radio think so, and after listening to their show yesterday morning, we are ready to pile on their bus.

If baseball is the national pastime and as near and dear to our hearts as apple pie and small towns, shouldn’t everybody in U.S. Congress know a little something about it?


Maybe turn on SportsCenter a day or two before the big hearing so at the very least you can pronounce Bud Selig’s name correctly?

Evidently not.

Rep. Diane Watson (D-CA) called Selig “Mr. Selleck,” as in Tom Selleck of Magnum P.I. She later referred to “the MLB.” We agree with M&M, had they stopped the hearing and asked Rep. Watson what “the MLB” is, she probably would not have known.

But it was Rep. Christoper Shays (R-CT) who stole the show. Obviously, Shays is not a sports fan, and, if he is, he most certainly is not a baseball fan. ESPN’s Jason Stark, who clearly lost a bet or parked in the boss’s parking space and was subsequently forced to do the ESPN live blog from the hearings, called Shays “the biggest baseball basher” in Congress. That’s interesting since he very clearly demonstrated that he knows jack about the game.

Shays asked Selig if he knew if “Mr. Palmerry” was doing drugs before he got his “300th hit.” Selig said, “I’m sorry, before what?”

OK, first off, good for Selig for not making the Scooby Doo noise or just plain saying “Huh?” If you hear the exchange, he doesn’t say “huh?,” but his tone sure says “huh?”

Shays, who is clearly a sharp guy then says, “Mr. Palmerry?Are you familiar with the case?”

He's the Commissioner of Baseball for crying out loud, of course, he's familiar with Mr. Palmerry. Jeez.

Kudos to Selig for not being a smart ass…

Shays later said something about when Mr. Palmerry had “concluded” his 3,000th hit…?

Ummm…Rep. Shays, that would be “Palmeiro” as in Rafeal (he testified in front of you a few years ago, lied like crazy and there was a big stink over it. You do have the internet and cable TV in Connecticut, yes?), and that would be 3,000 hits not 300. Simply put, we don’t know if you “conclude” a hit or not. We’ll have to ask our main man Wally (LH-RP, Yankees, Phillies).

Just to make it better, Shays also said this was the biggest scandal in baseball since “the 1919 Chicago Blackhawks.”

The guy in the back row flinching like he’s having a mild stroke is NHL Commish Gary Bettman. Hey, Gary, just remember the P.T. Barnum rule – any publicity is good publicity.

Nice, Rep. Shays, NICE!

(Thanks to Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg of ESPN for tipping us off to this great story. If we had to read the transcript, which we had momentarily contemplated, we might have committed Harry Caray! [pun intended])


AND THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MAKES THE WIZARDS…WELL, THE WIZARDS...In a classic Le Boullet's move, the Wiz beat the best team in pro hoops two nights in a row and then lost to the lowly Isiah-cursed Knicks.

DeShawn Stevenson #1 of the Washington Wizards drives to the basket through New York Knicks defenders at Madison Square Garden January 15, 2008 in New York City.

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)


NO, IT’S NOT STEEP, YOU’LL BE FINE...Switzerland's Didier Cuche competes at the Hahnenkamm course during the men's 2nd official downhill training of FIS Ski World cup in Kitzbuehel on 16 January 2008.

It's hard to read, but his helmet says "Ovalmatine."

Read the super secret clue on how to avoid shooting your eye out!

(TAH did not doctor this photo -- we never mess with Pictures of the Day as they are meant to show off cool pix as they are published!)

(Photo by Schaadfoto/AFP/Getty Images)


LOOK, AUSTRALIA’S A BIG COUNTRY AND THIS IS A MAJOR…couldn’t they have found a level tennis court? Spectators watch French tennis player Aravane Rezai serve during her womens singles match against compatriot Tatiana Golovin at the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne, 16 January 2008.

Rezai won 6-3, 3-6, 6-3.

(No, we didn't mess with this one either.)

(Photo by Romeo Gacad/AFP/Getty Images)


THE PRECURSOR OF THINGS TO COME...This photo from 1988 shows a young Tony Romo accurately predicting his future.

For some still unknown reason, the adults accompanying him have an issue with the Cotton Gin's inventor.

(Photo: John W. McDonough/SI)



Miles Simon is an assistant coach for the University of Arizona's men's basketball team, and former pro who played in Europe, and briefly with the Orlando Magic. The Swedish born Simon, played for two seasons for the Dakota Wizards of the CBA winning the CBA championship in 2002. Simon earned enough awards and honors in 2001-2002 to make him the most decorated player in CBA history.

Simon played guard for the Wildcats, where he formed a formidable backcourt duo with Mike Bibby. He won Most Outstanding Player award in the 1997 NCAA Tournament when Arizona defeated Kentucky in OT to win the National Championship.

He’s been coaching the Wildcats since 2005.

For some reason, Arizona State fans don’t like him.

At all...

(Photos by Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography)

(Who knew Leonardo Dicaprio's little brother (left) and Adam Sandler's little brother (right) both went to ASU?)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008



The Demon Deacons came into the contest shooting only 29.4% from behind the three point arc. So why did they then put up 28 three point attempts?

We don’t know.

Neither do they.

They made all of five of them – 16%.

Terp coach Gary “Degree Silver Ice Body Responsive” Williams barely broke a sweat.

Quote of the night: “I’ve been very critical tonight, I’m almost annoyed with myself.” – Billy Packer.

Maryland's Cliff Tucker (24) runs into Wake Forest coach Dino Gaudio while chasing a loose ball during the second half. (AP Photo/Rob Carr)


#23 CLEMSON 70, #157* NC STATE 54

Freshman Terrence Oglesby #22 had four 3-pointers, including two that started a game-breaking first-half run, and Klimpson (No. 23 ESPN/USA Today, No. 24 AP) beat North Carolina State 70-54 on Tuesday night.

Oglesby hit three 3-pointers in double overtime to save the Tigers (14-3, 2-1 ACC) last Saturday night in a 97-85 victory over Florida State. This time, the long-distance touch began a run of six consecutive 3s in the opening half.

You might recall an earlier TAH post titled GAVIN GRANT IS DRINKING THE KOOL-AID, where Mr. Grant predicted that the 11-5 (0-2 ACC) Wolfpack would lose no more than 4 games in 2007-08. Oops.

Fear naught Klimpson fans, the Tigers were 6 of 12 from the free throw line preserving their scintillating 50% free throw shooting average.

(AP Photo/Patrick Collard)

*TAH Instant Ranking

#23a BOSTON COLLEGE 76, #24 MIAMI 66

¡La maldiciĆ³n de Puerto Rico vive encendido! Dave Leitao must be so pleased.

Miami, the winner of the 2007 San Juan Shootout who entered ACC play nationally ranked, has tumbled back to earth losing to the Eagles at Chestnut Hill. The Canes got plenty of shots – 74. But, they only made 24 of them (31.6%), including going 8 out of 26 (30.8%) from behind the arc.

BC’s Tyrelle Blair blocked five shots, and had 11 points and 12 rebounds. Rakim Sanders scored 20 points and Tyrese Rice #4 had an off shooting night to end up with just 14 points on 4 of 16 shooting. Maybe his head band was too tight?

In the end it was the Eagles (12-4, 3-0 ACC) 13th consecutive victory over the Hurricanes.

(AP Photo/Mary Schwalm)

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