Tuesday, December 9, 2008


(Photos by TOLY HANSBROUGH©/Special to TAH)

UNC head coach Roy Williams has a new torture treatment to test the battle-ready-steadiness of his No. 1 ranked Tar Heels' hoops squad.

On Sunday afternoon, after a brief shoot-around, and before Williams and his wife hosted the players and assistant coaches for a belated Thanksgiving dinner (with the NCAA’s approval), Williams allowed the UNC Kids Club members to descend upon the Smith Center floor and hold all the players hostage for a 30 minute autograph session.

Toly Hansbrough© and his sister A.G. were thoroughly briefed by Young A.T., but nothing could prepare them for the bedlam that ensued when 1,500 kids stormed the court.

Future multi-sport star Toly believed his time was better used practicing his dribbling on the Smith Center court. No doubt he deemed this a rehearsal of greater significance than waiting in line to secure autographs from players who may ultimately make a smaller contribution to the history and lore of UNC Sports than he likely will. He did finally change course, and both secure some signatures and take the quality photos posted here.

That Toly, he’s nothing if not multi-talented.

Nice, Toly, NICE!

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