Saturday, December 13, 2008


Where TAH takes a moment to explain things that might otherwise be inexplicable…

For example, on local radio the other night, Steve Czaban asked Redskin head coach Jim Zorn why Antwann Randle El is locked in as punt returner when his production is rather low. Why not to try out Rock Cartwright on punt returns as many fans suggest?

"Yeah," Coach Him Zorn said, in a "yeah-as-in-no" sense. "That won't happen this year. It's still gonna be Antwaan."

Why not try Rock, he was asked?

"Because Antwaan's our punt returner," Zorn said.

Now we don’t know WHY he’s Jimmy Z’s punt returner, but we do know why he’s not VERY GOOD at it anymore.

The answer is really very simple: Bentley GT.

Randle El drives a Bentely GT. The MSRP is $175,000.

Nobody who drives a $175,000 car is worth a damn at returning punts.

Who doesn't know that?

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