Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Those Heels fans are still riled up about our “underachiever” comment…

Anonymous said: You guys are hilarious. You correctly mentioned that losing a starting QB and the biggest playmaker in the ACC hurt this team, yet they won 8.

Then you do a 180 and say they underachieved by losing at Maryland and getting blown out at home vs State. Which is it guys? You go from 8 losses to 8 wins, overcome injuries to the two most key guys on offense....and they underachieve?

This team is still a year or two away with all the young guys they're playing - you've noticed that right?

Oh, and by the way they finished 1-2, not 1-3.

We said: Thank you. Hilarious? Yes, we are. Accurate? Not so much, and never claimed to be. Thanks for the 1-2 correction. Duly noted and repaired.

Actually, the point is that it is "both." Even without their two key guys, the Heels won and won games against ACC Championship-caliber teams. But when they could have won out and done big things, they lost to Maryland and Virginia in two very ugly games. UG-LEE.

We won’t even factor in the State loss since the Wolfpacks' form reversal was nothing short of freakish. So the Heels overachieved mid-season and underachieved late.

Yes, they are young, and yes they are gonna be good next year.

Don’t worry, we still love our Heels.

Mommy’s not mad.

(Editor’s Note: And a big shout out to Judy Collins and Karen Flikeid -- two women whose names have never been used in the same sentence that didn't include the words "turn that sappy crap off.")

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