Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The ACC now has nine bowl tie-ins and ten bowl eligible teams. Word on the street is that will leave N.C. State shopping since sources in the league office claim Clemson’s 6-5 versus bowl—eligibility—determining—teams is better than the Wolfpacks’ 6-6 record against same. But we digress…

There has been some talk that Maryland might play Navy in the new EagleBank Bowl debuting December 20 at good old RFK Stadium. Of course, the match up would make perfect sense for two geographic rivals with fan bases a short drive from D.C.’s historic stadium.
For some reason, and perhaps its because the Terps think a new bowl game is beneath a program of their stature (and girth), Maryland has not embraced the idea and claimed it would not be able to play in the game because it’s the last day of exams. (Editor’s Note: Seriously, do football players take exams five days before Christmas and/or during the height of bowl season? Really?)

Navy AD Chet Gladchuk responsed: “We have exams that week, too, but we're going to show up," Gladchuk said. "Everybody has an excuse why they can't do this or can't do that. We're finding a way to accommodate the bowl's situation."

Ralph’s response is rumored to have been: “Pass the Twinkies, damn it.”

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