Friday, December 12, 2008


You fellas in Raleigh probably already know all of this, but for those of us ACC aficionados forced to live in the giant void outside of Tobacco Road, it's quality information.


…and not it’s not an unreleased Doobie Brothers song.

There was a time when most basketball, even college hoop, was local. Before ESPN and the 24-hour news cycle, one actually had to attend a game to know what happened. You might get a newspaper account at best if you had access to a larger "media market" (back then they called that "big city").

One of the things that started the change toward a national eye on college hoop was the the Dixie Classic. The Classic was the brainstorm of Raleigh News and Observer sportswriter Dick Herbert and NC State coach Everett Case.

The concept was simple. State and its local counterparts Duke, Wake Forest, and North Carolina comprised half the eight-team field. The other four teams were top teams from across the country.

The Dixie Classic was first held in 1949, made possible by the opening of Reynolds Coliseum on the Wolpacks’ campus. The rest is history… has a great story about it on their website.

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