Friday, December 12, 2008


As you know, we aren’t ones to micro manage such things as recruiting—especially when it’s about the 2009 incoming crop of hoopsters. However, some folks care a lot, and others still write very thorough explanations about what is going on such as ESPN’s Paul Biancardi. Biancardi’s piece gives you a complete school-by-school report.

TAH will just give you the highpoints such as early signers landed: Boston College (none), Clemson (three), Duke (two), Florida State (two), Georgia Tech (four), Maryland (two), Miami (four), North Carolina (five), N.C. State (three), Virginia (two) , Virginia Tech (five) and Wake Forest (two).

To no one’s surprise, UNC has what most folks are calling the best recruiting class in the country. It includes three kids that go 6-9 to 6-10 (depending on who’s measurements you believe) who can all shoot from medium to long-range, rebound, leap over tall buildings in a single bound, etc. (Note the color of the sky in the photo.)

Must be the rave.

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