Thursday, December 4, 2008


Those granola crunchers out in the PAC 10 are conducting another anti-football love fest and this time it’s all about fashion. Can you imagine Coach K and Ol’ Roy agreeing to give up a timeout so both schools could wear their home unis? Well, that’s exactly what Pete Carroll and UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel are up to…

Now what kind of so-called rivalry is that? You think the Buckeyes are givin' the Maze and Blue a time out? Or Alabama is handing over a tactical advantage to Auburn?

Hmmm...N0, NO, hell NO!

But, wait.

It Seems as Carroll is willing to concede two Trojan timeouts during the USC v. UCLA renewal on Saturday so his squad can wear their home jersey even though they are designated the visiting game for this tilt in the Rose Bowl. Of course, the NCAA has a rule that requires visiting teams to wear white, and the infraction could cost USC two timeouts —one per half.

The last time the Trojans and the Bruins both wore home jerseys -- the Trojans in red, the Bruins in blue and gold -- was in 1982, when the schools shared the Los Angeles Coliseum.

"I just thought it was a really cool tradition," Carroll said.

As for losing timeouts? "I don't care about it right now," Carroll said. "I think it's the fun thing to do, and I think the fans will appreciate it over time."

"It's exciting," UCLA coach Neuheisel said. "I think wearing the home jerseys is a great tradition."

Ultimately, Neuheisel agreed to forego one first half time out as well, and the deal was done.

The PAC-10 also announced that it intends to again request the Football Rules Committee at its next meeting to eliminate the portion that says one team must wear white and simply have the rule state that the teams must wear jerseys of contrasting colors.

(Editor's Note: Hey, that actually makes sense!)

(Photos by AP Photos by Chris Carlson and Jeff Lewis)

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