Friday, December 12, 2008


TAH wishes to apologize to the Orange Bowl after a commenter set us straight regarding both the length and production quality of the Orange Bowl half-time show. After we stated that the intermission was overly long and over-produced, one of our loyal readers said this:

The Orange Bowl has a massively over-produced half-time?!? You're living in the past. Last year's half-time consisted of some DJ trying to get the fans to yell at each other, and ZZ Top playing ONE song. Probably none of which was visible from anyone's couch.

Now you want living in the past? We give you LIVING IN THE PAST (Jethro Tull). The 2009 FedEx Orange Bowl halftime show will feature none other than…drum roll, please…THE DOOBIE BOTHERS.

We know what you’re thinking: Are they still alive?

Well…evidently, they are.

According to the production company responsible for the Seminole Hard Rock Orange Bowl Halftime Show, the Grammy Award-winning and multi-platinum selling Doobies have been bringing, “their uniquely dynamic rock style -part rock, part jazz and part folk - to the world since 1969. This style is the reason they have sold more than 22 million records across the globe” and are part of the integral (and evidently still popular) style that has generated hits like "Listen to the Music," "Black Water," "Jesus Is Just Alright," "Long Train Runnin'" and "China Grove."

We don’t want say they’re old, but when Black Water was a hit record (and we do mean "record") Richard Nixon was the prez…What they don’t say is that out of those 22 million only 17 of them have been sold since 1991.

It would seem there is a pattern here. A company called ACT took over the production of the halftime show a few pulp-less bowls back. Last year, they brought in that lil’ old band from Texas to headline the big show – yep, ZZ Top.

“All you have to say is ZZ Top and you know you’ll have a show that will be something truly spectacular,” said ACT President Bruce Orosz. “Add a pre-game show that will feature a well-known national artist and a first-class BCS football game and there won’t be a more exciting place to be in all South Florida.”

So, yes, TAH was living in the past as is the Seminole Hard Rock Orange Bowl Halftime Show.

Whoa-o-o-o, listen to music…!

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