Tuesday, December 9, 2008


All the Tar Heels' coaches and players, 1,500 kids, all the parents to match, the UNC women winning the College Cup on the big screens in the Dean Dome and Crystal Cox from current CBS hit show Survivor were on hand for Kids Club day at the Smith Center.

Cox said everybody was, in fact, as mean or meaner than they appear to be on television in what is the most contentious season of the reality show to date.

Cox is a UNC grad, an Olympic gold medalist (2004 4x400 relay), educator and coach who lives in nearby Durham.

We aren't sure what Marcus Ginyard was doing while he was hurt, but it looks like he might have been pumping some iron...
Toly Hansbrough© scores an autograph from Super Frosh Larry Drew II.

Tar Heel Crystal Cox in Gabon, Africa.

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