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Happy New Year loyal readers. Grab yourself a bottle a vino, a twelve pack, a half-gallon of ice cream or whatever favorite treat you enjoy while absorbing meaningful information on the Internet, sit back, relax and relive the year that was in both the ACC and some other select destinations in the wide, wide, wacky world of sports.

Jan 1 – ACC loses both bowl games. Thanks GT and FSU. Happy Freakin’ New Year!

Jan 2 – Hoos blow 14 point lead and lose Gator Bowl.

Jan 3 – T.A.H. invites West Virginia to join the ACC. The results are humorous

Jan 4 – Hokies lose Orange Bowl to Kansas.

Jan 10 – UNC beats Clemson in a classic with a buzzer beater.

Jan 12 – J.J. Redick does a good deed and T.A.H. is nice to him as a result. Earth’s axis shifts ever so slightly…

Jan 18 – T.A.H. commemorates the death of Ike Turner with a classic headline: “River Deep, Mountain High, Coke Bad, Ike Dead.”

Jan 29 – Hysterical Hitler “talks” about his beloved Cowboys losing to the Giants.

Jan 31 – Britney shaves her head.

Feb 7 – Duke beats UNC 89-78.

Feb 14 – Run-on sentence of the year and a nifty example of how the equator buggers things up.

Feb 18 – The evil genius of Roger Clemens explained.

Feb 21 – T.A.H. explains Duke’s “injuries” Coach K doesn’t like it.

Feb 24 – T.A.H. explains “the flop,” and Coach K doesn’t like this either.

March 1 – Coach K wins his 800th game.

March 5 – An instant classic: T.A.H. explains why Tyler Hansbrough gets fouled so often. It starts with a Creature Comforts video that is not to be missed.

March 9 - #1 UNC 76, #5 Duke 68

March 9 – Things that make you go hmmm…Tyler Hansbrough does not attempt a single free throw in the win over Duke. Hmmm.

March 12 – The Existential Seth Greenberg winner of the 2007 T.A.H. Darjeeling Limited Coach of the Year Award. Say what?

March 13 – We explain Clemson’s free throw shooting woes. It’s not how many you miss, but when you miss them.

March 15 – The game of the year? UNC v. VA Tech ACC semifinal.

March 17 – Heels beat Tigers in ACC Final. My better is better than your better. My power is more powerful than your power.

March 19 – Yankees honor Hokies.

March 20 – Tyler Hansbrough’s jump shot explained. You saw it here first.

March 21 – Two love songs to Duke, including the classic This Is Why You Suck.

March 23 – Rare Easter Bunny humor

March 23 – Down goes Duke in the NCAA Tourney.

March 27 – The Truth About Duke

March 28 – Carolina Green, how Danny Green made UNC tick.

March 30 – The Tale of Two Shots – UNC heads to the Final Four thanks to two critical jump shots.

April 1 – FSU hot on the recruiting trail with fairly comical results.

April 2 – T.A.H. banned from Duke sports’ message board.

April 6 – Kansas crushes Heels in Final Four. Remember 40 to 12?

April 13 – Boston College wins National Championship in sport we’ve never heard of…Hockey?

April 14 – Happy B’day, sis…Sick of Tyler Hansbrough? Read the answer here

April 16 – No T.A.H. in honor of Virginia Tech.

April 17 – Less angry Kansas fan finally removes Ol’ Roy’s portrait from the Men’s Room.

April 21 – ACC scores in World Eating Championships…burp.

April 27 – The Ballad of Matt Ryan – ACC leads NFL draft

May 7 – Proof: UNC Gets All The Calls after playing hoops with then candidate Obama.

May 22 – FSU catcher sets records (not criminal ones).

May 27 – ACC sweeps NCAA tennis singles titles.

June 9 – Big Browns inexplicable loss in the Belmont explained.

June 9 – Why Things Are: T.A.H. explains why Thoroughbred racehorses are so fragile.

June 17 – Lawson, Ellington, Green to return to Chapel Hill. Heels happy, everybody else says “Crap!”

June 22 – Kentucky court rules that Duke football really does suck.

June 24 – Lone ACC team knocked out of College World Series semi-finals.

June 27 – Four ACC players drafted by NBA.

July 11 – HBO to make documentary of Tabacco Road rivalry.

Aug 1 – Dowecheatemnhowe.

Aug 8 – UVA wins the most ACC championships. Huh?

Aug 27 – Everything you need to know to live a long healthy life.

Aug 28 – ACC athletes excel at Beijing Olympics. Final ACC medal count.

Sept 1 – Maryland supersizes mascot to make Ralph Friedgen look thinner. Not kidding.

Sept 1 – Pre-game paratroopers deliver game ball to wrong stadium. Still not kidding.

Sept 24 – When pep bands clash. Evidently there was a little dust up when the Princeton pep band visited the Citadel. A culture clash so to speak. There are two sides to every story: the Princenton side and the Citadel side.

Sept 25 – The last time Duke won an ACC regular season conference game, Russell Tyrone Jones (Ol’ Dirty Bastard) was still alive…

Sept 28 – Wahoo Nation on suicide watch as Ol’ Dirty Bastard comes back to life.

Oct 10 – a T.A.H. original short film: Dear Coach Friedgen.

Oct 10 – T.A.H. explains things to angry anonymous Canadians.

Oct 13 – Clemson fires Bowden.

Oct 16 – Bankrupt Duke lacrosse scandal prosecutor auctions guitars.

Oct 17 – The Curse of John Paul Jones. Wahoos not amused.

Oct 24 – Coach K endorses Obama…really?

Oct 25 – The greatest ACC basketball game EVER.

Oct 30 – Classes cancelled at UVA when it is announced that Zima is being taken off the market.

Nov 4 – The Suspension of Disbelief or T.A.H. talks politics one day a year.

Nov 6 – KRANKY – Coach K gets mad at fans who don’t show up for yet another game against the Sisters of the Poor State.

Nov 9 – Speaking of cranky, Ol’ Roy fires a shot too.

Nov 13 – The unofficial Hokie injury report. Everybody but Frank Beamer thought it was funny…

Nov 15 – You are never too old to make a free throw, unless you play for Clemson.

Nov 19 – ACC Commish to incoming President of the Free World: Blah, blah, blah.

Nov 22 – Gary Williams like to scream…a lot.

Nov 23 – FSU’s Rolle named Rhodes Scholar. Well done.

Nov 27 – UNC hoops squad as good, or better, than advertised.

Nov 30 – Georgia Tech saves some ACC face.

Nov 30 – Virginia Tech wins Commonwealth Bowl (again).

Dec 1 – Where in the world is Kenny George?

Dec 2 – All-ACC Football team.

Dec 3 – Why the ACC is better than the Big 10. Yes, it’s funny.

Dec 5 – God bless the general public. Did we mean it? Go see for yourself.

Dec 8 – Hokies win second Dr. Pepper Bowl in a row.

Dec 8 – What cra(cc)ppy bowl schedule.

Dec 11—John Daly goes nuts and neither chicken wings or Hooters are involved in any way.

Dec 12 – Orange Bowl officials are smarter than we think.

Dec 13 – Did we mention it was exam week. Hang on.

Dec 15 – Nothing says bowl week like a girl robot.

Dec 15 – Terps win soccer’s College Cup.

Dec 17 – Coach K in one car accident. No one is hurt. Tar Heels make jokes.

Dec 19 – Toly Hansbrough© comments on Tar Heels early season undefeated run.

Dec 19 – “I’m always on time, I might be late for two years in a row, but I’m always on time.”

Dec 19 – Hansbrough breaks UNC scoring record.

Dec 25 – Family Feud kills Santa.

Dec 28 – ACC bowl results.

Dec 30 – ACC continues to drop bowl balls.

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  1. As Mrs. TAH, I'm a little biased, but this year in review rocks! Now, get back to your real job.


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