Friday, December 12, 2008


The ACC basketball schedule resumes this weekend and the bowl season gets underway next week. Due to exam week at various schools, hard news has been a little hard to come by. However…

Founding member of the TAH Society and junior at North Carolina M.C. Allen sent us this little clip that caused a college flash back of such immense proportions it brought tears to our eyes. If you went to college – no matter how long ago it was – this will remind you of some of the fun, crazy, spontaneous stuff that happens there and only there…

And, yes, one of those crowd surfers was in fact our very own TAH Society founding member, inside source at the Daily Tar Heel and knower of all things “from the Hill.”

We particularly liked the bemused security guard who just smiles and moseys on off…

Nice Rave, Heels, NICE!

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