Thursday, December 11, 2008


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Dear Mr. Snyder:

What happened to US? We got off to a HORRIBLE start, rallied up to 6-2 and then as the weather turned grey and COLD like the shadow over ill-matched lover’s hearts, we slowly DRIFTED apart to 7-5.

Our playoff hopes are looking very much like the pre-season predictions which, in case you forgot, were something along the lines of zero, zilch, nada, ZIPPO.

Forget LOSING to the oh-so lowly-Rams (at home, yike!) and BARELY beating the Millen-less Lions, the real story EMERGED in the games v. the Giants, Steelers, Cowboys and Ravens. And, no, the problem isn’t the TWO JASONS, although we don’t UNDERSTAND why Jason Campbell constantly throws short passes at his receivers’ FEET. Not directly at their feet, but in front of or behind their feet. Recently, like CLOCKWORK

No, it’s not about the QB or the T.V. star. Remember your hero Joe Gibbs? Do you remember the primary TENET of the philosophy of SAINT JOE? It’s not about skill positions, it’s about line play. While you and Vinnie draft a PUNTER and continue to fall in love with skill players, the name of the game in the NFL is who wins the battles IN THE TRENCHES.

The Gibbs philosophy (well, at least when it worked back in the old days) was all about CONTROLLING the line of scrimmage – RUNNING the ball on offense and stopping the run and RUSHING the passer on defense. This year we have been good at the former until the O-Line turned into a M.A.S.H. unit, but we simply can’t muster ANY pass rush even with a world-class good-foot on board.

So how to FIX this situation for NEXT year? Easy.

Two things: 1) Keep DRAFTING big wide receivers like you did last year until you find some that will come to camp ON TIME, learn the offense, not get HURT and ultimately make a meaningful contribution. There are some future All-Pros out there the likes of T.O., Plaxico and Randy Moss who aren’t gunslinger-loudmouth-play-calling-wanna-be-offensive-coordinator-ego-maniacs.

And, 2) Go after some younger, healthier LINEMAN in the free agent market once you clear up some cap space. Not Jeff George young, or Deon Sanders young or (horrors of horrors) MARK BRUNELL young, but guys who are under thirty and still relatively healthy and MOBILE. Which, OF COURSE, in terms of cap room may be 2015. Signing Twinkle Toes Taylor was the right CONCEPT. It hasn’t worked as well as planned as he has been slowed by a NAGGING injury, and the simple fact that the Skins don’t have another LEGITIMATE pass rush threat to occupy opponents.

So let’s fix the trenches and move on. If you don’t believe TAH, just read Michael Wilbon’s EXCELLENT column in Washington Post about losing the inside battle called “Trench Rot.

In the meantime, we hope Jimmy Z can hold our bunch together with DUCT TAPE and piano wire, and PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t lose to the Bengals. Not that we're begging. OK, maybe a LITTLE.

Oh, and that little DUST UP between J-Zorn, the Zen Master, and Clinton Portis? Not a problem. Clinton is just FRUSTRATED with losing and he claims he was just VENTING when he spouted off on Coach John Thompson’s radio show calling his boss a “genius.” OOPS.

(By the way, have you noticed that EVERYBODY on the Washington D.C. ESPN radio station from Colin CowTerd right down to local wags and the Skins themselves are BUSTIN’ on the Redskins all the while you OWN the damn station! Dude, that’s a PROBLEM.)

As you know Clinton is a STUD and he’s having a great year in spite of both he and his O-line being BEAT UP. Like we said, get some big BOULDERS in here for the U-man to run behind and watch him SHINE on like the CRAZY diamond that he is.

So in closing, please BELIEVE that we’re right here with you until the END or at least until 1) it’s too cold to go to the game or 2) it’s warm enough to do something less FRUSTRATING than watching the Skins score 10 points like playing BAD golf.

Your Loyal Fan,
(AP Photo/Rob Carr, Reuters, AP Photo by Kelsey McNeal and AP Photo/Nick Wass)

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