Friday, November 7, 2008


Oh…Well now, that explains it...

So, as was clearly documented here and elsewhere,yesterday, TAH picked the Terps to go into Lane Stadium and upset the Hokies on thier favorite night of football. We did so based on the simple fact that we were lead to believe that the top two Hokie QBs were "questionable."
Foolishly, we thought "questionable" meant whether or not a player played not "how much" a player would play. With a young offensive line with several bad games under their size 42-48 belts, and a running game which has suffered from a variety of key injuries and suspensions/dismissals, it seemed logical that without a top-notch QB, the home team was in trouble. Not to mention that simple fact that Tech also has a bunch of young receivers who have some issues with the primary objective (read: they can’t catch.)

Which brings us to a little something we like to call “Coachspeak.” Simply put, you’d think we would have that figured out by now.


What coach says: “I’m not interested in (fill-in-the-blank) job. What Coach means: “I’m interviewing tomorrow.”

What coach says: “(Fill-in-the-blank) is our starting QB.” What Coach means: “I’m gonna bench him as fast as I can.”

You’ve heard it all before, and so have we. So how did we get snookered this go 'round?

Basically, we failed to properly interpret what Beamer and the VT football folks were saying about their injured QBs and who was/wasn’t likely to play. We would suggest that they weren’t entirely forthcoming, and, for some unknown reason, we weren't clever enought to notice.

It went like this:

MONDAY: From ESPN’s Heather Dinich who speaks directly to the ACC coaches during the week -- Just a quick update. Sean Glennon and Tyrod Taylor have both been limited in practice this week and remain a game-time decision for Thursday night's game against Maryland, a school spokesman said Monday.

Fair enough – game time decision.

TUESDAY: Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer just said at his weekly press conference that both Tyrod Taylor and Sean Glennon are "getting some work" in practice this week and they'll both be listed as questionable for this week's game. He reiterated that the team and staff have confidence in Cory Holt if they need him. "We'll see how they are at game time," Beamer said.

On that same day Randy King of the Roanoke Times predicted it would be Glennon, and he then confirmed that on his blog at 7 pm last night.

WEDNESDAY: “Seniors Sean Glennon and Cory Holt are the two most likely to start, a source within the program said today.

It is also possible that two quarterbacks will be used against Maryland.”

Which, ultimately, is exactly what happened. However, the Hokies never upgraded either QB to "probable" which now seems rather obvious.

Perhaps, we should have paid a bit more attention to the line…It opened at Tech -3.5, and fell to -2.5…by game time it was back to -3 and that simply would not have made sense with the third and fourth QBs leading them against a ranked opponent…

SITUATION, LESS SMOKE: When all the smoke cleared, the Hokies ran 72 plays. Corey Holt #12 took ZERO snaps. Fourth-string QB Greg Boone #8 (who claims he can throw the ball 80 yards!) got three (maybe four?) snaps in the VT version of the Mustang Offense, and Glennon, who started, took the snap on 68 offensive plays. And he played VERY well.

Not bad for a guy who was “questionable.”
Score this one: Error, TAH.

(Photos from AP Photo by Phil Coale. - without permission. Hey, what did you expect? We tried. Doug Benc/Getty Images)

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