Monday, November 24, 2008


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This photo was sent to us by a loyal reader who assumed it was not a fake and might, in fact, be a precursor of some sort to the 2008 Darwin Awards. Or perhaps just “natural selection” going about its everyday business.

Here’s our take. We did a little investigating and found out the lads in the pool are German. This photo popped up in January on a web page out of Denmark ( The web site has informative articles and photos such as Bundesweite Abfrage zum Breitbandbedarf. Don’t even ask how we know this unless you have a ridiculously high security clearance.

Here at TAH we are going to render this photo a fake. With a little help from the boys at, we have uncovered additional photos that shed a little more light on this caper.

Evidently, there were more pictures of the set up of this stunt when it was first posted back in January.

Were it real…and we aren’t saying it was, but if it was, and we aren’t saying it was, BUT IF IT WAS, it isn't as dangerous as it looked. None of the people in the pool are in a position to complete the electrical circuit. If the extension cord is submerged, the current will flow from the live wire to the ground wire, since that is the path of least resistance. In this case, the breakers would trip or fuse would blow most likely if something went wrong.

But how then can you fry your spouse if you toss a hair dryer (or accidentally drop a toaster) in the bathtub? The reason why a bathtub is more dangerous than this situation is the plumbing provides a path to ground. But even that might not be fatal, unless your current/ex is foolish enough to pick up the submerged appliance out of the water while in the tub and thus complete the circuit.

Please don’t try any of this at home because, truth be known, we don't jack s*** about electricity.

Now you know.

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