Monday, November 3, 2008


The father of future national player of the year Toly Hansbrough© said Monday it's unclear if the multi-sport star will miss any regular-season basketball games because of sympathy pains for his hero, Tyler Hansbrough’s, leg injury.

Toly’s old man told The Associated Press his son had felt pain in his right shin off and on for a few days since the announcement about last year’s National Player of the Year.
Toly’s winter basketball team, To Be Determined, issued a statement today saying Toly will be out of practice indefinitely with a stress reaction, which can be a precursor to a fracture without proper rest.

"It's something they picked up early and it should be resolved I hope fairly quickly," he said in a phone interview. "The smart thing is to get it resolved instead of having Toly limp through it. I believe this is the same treatment regimen being utilized by Tyler Hansbrough."

Tyler Hansbrough’s father said further tests revealed no new information. He said it's too early to tell whether Hansbrough will miss the top-ranked Tar Heels' opener against Penn on Nov. 15, and recovery will depend on rest for the injury and then getting into shape.

Toly Hansbrough©’s father, said “We were too damn busy over the weekend to pursue further tests. We’ll let you know something when we know something. It is what it is.”

"It's kind of frustrating for Toly," his Dad said. "As much as he likes to play, he understands he needs to be 100 percent to help the team rather than limping through something and make an injury a chronic situation."

While Tyler Hansbrough is the first returning AP national player of the year since LSU's Shaquille O'Neal in 1991, Toly Hansbrough© is…well…Toly Hansbrough©. While Tyler entered his senior season on pace to break the UNC career scoring and rebounding records, as well as the ACC career scoring mark, Toly still can’t dribble left-handed.

Tyler has never missed a game and had missed just one practice in his three-year career before the injury. Toly missed a practice and a game early in the season when he ran head first into a medal post when exiting C.M. Bradley Lower School. The collision, which involved no other children, adults, vehicles or building parts, resulted in a wound that required four stitches to repair.

Toly missed some baseball time earlier in the year when he discovered the hard way that boogie boards and concrete sidewalks do not a good match make. As usual, all wounds sustained from the incident were facial.

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