Friday, November 21, 2008


Dear TAH,

Thank you for your continued and in-depth coverage of the annual Hicks v. Hacks golf competition. As you know it is an event of local, regional and national insignificance. Your coverage is balanced, insightful and sometimes even accurate.

I think it is important that fans of the event know that well placed insiders on President-elect Obama’s transition team have confirmed that one of his highest priorities is to “tweak” the H v H scoring system.

According to our sources the President –elect “knows of no other serious fan of H v H that approves of the current system”. He went on to say that if Blaser and Yowell and the rest of those HHCS knuckleheads don’t get their act together he wouldn’t be afraid to “throw his weight around” to resolve the issue.

His plan calls for a 8 man, “mano y mano” match-up ensuring parity in regards to liquor in-take. In addition, the guys with day jobs get strokes. “I gotta do something to give the Hacks a snowballs chance…”

Lastly the President – elect did pass on that his good friend Conzie Rice thought Hudson looked “dead sexy” in Terp Red and Black last Sunday!

Just trying to help in Turnbull,
Deep Throat

Dear Deep Throat:
Thank you for your nice letter. Good luck with that. Call us if you get tix to the Inaugural Ball.
The Editor

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