Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Dear Mr. Snyder:

Not only did the Skins PUKE all over their shoes in last night’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, they also failed to keep pace with the division leading New York Giants and virtually assured Barack Obama the presidency.

Politics aside, what did we learn? The Steelers may be the second best team in the AFC after the undefeated Titans, and, like it or not, the Giants (who beat said Steelers last week) are pretty DAMN GOOD by comparison.

The Redskins are a much improved team under Jay-Z, but they need to play well to beat GOOD teams. They aren’t Brady Patriotesque – they can’t play badly and win. Penalties, sacks and turnovers will doom them every time.

One last thing – there is talk around about Carlos Rogers having a All-Pro season. We say no based on one aspect of his game alone. You simply can’t be an All-Pro cornerback if you can’t CATCH. Everybody in Rogers’ line of work gets beat. That comes with the territory. But when the opposing QB throws you the ball, you have to catch it and make him pay.

Last night Rogers dropped another interception that should have been caught and returned for a touchdown. With nine games played, we’ve LOST COUNT of how many he’s muffed.

All that aside, enjoy the week off and get ready to kick the Cowboys’ pansy A**ES!

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