Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As if the mountain wasn’t tall enough for No. 18 Georgia Tech and No. 23 Florida State as both face highly ranked in-state SEC rivals this Saturday, now the ACC Ranking Curse has been revealed in all its evil glory. Yes, the polls are the latest enemy of ACC football teams struggling to find their place in the BCS world.

So, besides being consistently inconsistent, what do the football teams at Florida State, North Carolina, Clemson, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Miami, Georgia Tech and Maryland have in common?

Short answer: They can’t stand prosperity.

Long answer: Those schools are a combined 6-16 when they are ranked in any, either or all polls. Talk about underachieving at exactly the wrong time.

Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times points this out eloquently, and the analysis is ugly.

Only Wake Forest (4-2) has a winning record while ranked. The rest look like this: Florida State (2-3), North Carolina (2-3), Clemson (1-2), Virginia Tech (1-2), Boston College (0-1), Miami (0-1), Georgia Tech (0-2) and Maryland (0-2).

(Photo by Zeke Smith/CarolinaBlue.com)

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