Tuesday, November 25, 2008


In both our review of Saturday's games, and yesterday's analysis of who may or may not eventually play in the Dr. Pepper Bowl, we forgot to mention one small detail of import...

Boston College's starting QB Chris Crane broke his collar bone on Saturday. Oops. Guess, that is kind of important.

So, in the spirit of 100,000 hits (did we mention that?), let's just pretend it never happened. A TAH hall pass, so to speak.


Boston College starting QB Chris Crane broke his collar bone in Saturday's 24-21 win over Wake Forest and is facing at least a six-week recovery. He is the fourth starter the Eagles have lost to injury this season. It's now up to backup quarterback Dominique Davis, a redshirt freshman, to lead the Eagles' offense on Saturday in the season finale against Maryland. A win would send BC to the Dec. 6 ACC championship game in Tampa Bay, the program's second straight appearance in the title game.

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