Thursday, November 13, 2008


FSU safety Myron Rolle is up for the Rhodes Scholarship. No, we aren’t kidding he really is.

Unfortunately for Myron, his interview in Alabama is the same time on November 22nd that his Noles are supposed to be playing the Terps.

So what did the suits out in Kansas City do?

Sit down. We know you thought that travelling call in the NBA was a shock, wait till you get a load of this.

First the NCAA agreed to move the kickoff to 7:45 pm so Rolle wouldn’t miss all of the game, and then they went all crazy and will allow FSU to charter a plane for his trip from Birmingham to College Park, MD.

Rolle is an honor student majoring in pre-med and on track to graduate early.

"I said he's got to go," FSU coach Bobby Bowden said of the Rhodes Scholarship interviews. "That's once in a lifetime. Whatever he's got to do, he's got to do. You cannot take that opportunity away from a man. I just hope he wins it.”

In the end, this begs one question and one question only: What the hell is Rolle doing at Florida State?

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