Sunday, November 2, 2008


The FYF Colts of Toly Hansbrough© fame cruised to victory Saturday against the FYF Seahawks 63-7. The victory was a virtual replay of the Colts’ earlier 70-14 win over the Hawks.

Stingy defense and a wide open offense was again the rule of the day as Toly was elevated to first team offense where his bone-jarring blocks helped open up GAPING holes in the Seahawks D-line (see photos).

“The contributions Toly made today were awe-inspiring,” said Colts' head coach Chris Pearson. “Every time I looked, Toly’s man was on the ground, usually on top of Toly, but you know he has a subtle blocking technique. Don’t be fooled.”

Toly did get one carry on the next-to- last play of the game. Unfortunately, the Seahawks blew-up the play and almost tackled the QB and Toly before they had completed the exchange.

The play ended up in a four yard loss which caused Toly’s yards per carry average to fall from 5 yards per carry to 3 yards per carry – two carries for six yards total for the year.

“There was something fishy about Toly’s running play,” said Pearson. “The way they blew up that play, I think the Seahawks' coaches might have spied on our last practice or they were stealing our signs. No way the T-man gets rocked like that without some hanky-panky.”

"The Mighty Mighty Bosstone Toly" was credited with 1/7th of a tackle when he managed to caboose a pile during the second half.
"His focus remains on offensive football," his Dad said sheepishly.

The FYF Colts finished up the season 7-0, and were the runaway winners of the FYF Instructional League.

There were a number of new faces in the crowd of 34 in attendance for the finale. It was suspected that Butch Davis had sent Toly’s grandparents to the game to once again shore up Super Toly’s commitment to Tar Heel football.

Alabama coach, Lou Saban, also had a representative at the game in one Frankee “Two Bama Boys” Lozano, and somebody keeps emailing Toly photos of Clemson coeds.

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