Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Welcome Boston College All Access to the TAH family.

They said nice things about what “we” do here, so we said welcome aboard. (Don’t tell ‘em the whole we thing is an editorial style point and not a descriptive pronoun relative to the size of the staff…)

While remaining anonymous here is what BC All Access has to say for themselves:

I am a student at Boston College in the Carroll School of Management and finance major/ history minor. I started writing this blog because I am a huge fan of Boston College. It started long before I began attending BC. I have been coming to games for nearly 10 years now. I really enjoy writing about BC Sports and see can see some of my other work in The Heights and EagleAction.com, a premium BC sports site. Any comments or questions please see the Contact page and send me an email. I hope everyone enjoys the blog, GO EAGLES.

Here’s one of the things we like best about the site: The kid has the kahonies to ask for donations to "maintain the blog and help pay for college."
Why didn’t “we” think of that! Jeez.

At this pace, Toly Hansbrough© gonna have to pay his own freight…

BC All Access also hipped us to the cool new map you can see over in the right hand margin. It tracks where people are located who visit TAH…According to new said map, folks in Hawaii, South Africa, Dubai, Taiwan and Mainland China joined the rest of us Americans (and a few folks in Europe) in visiting today. If you believe this sort of thing…and we aren’t yet sure we do!

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