Monday, November 17, 2008


First off, two things right up FRONT: 1) We haven’t had time to read the post-mortem of the Skins' HORRIBLE loss last night to the HATED and somewhat inept Cowboys, so what we say here may be even more CRAP than usual; and 2) We had a REALLY lousy day yesterday in that winning/losing kind of way. First the Hacks got whacked by the Hicks in the annual Hacks v. Hicks golf death match, then the Skins PUKE on their shoes in the nightcap. TAH’s golf game reeked of water buffalo SNOT, and this is what we come home to? Oh, the HUMANITY.

What happened during the bye-week? Did Jim Zorn turn into Joe Gibbs and suddenly embrace the NON-SCORING offense? How can you hold the Cowboys to 14 points, hand your offense two INTERCEPTIONS, and only score 10 and LOSE. How, how, HOW?

Offensively, what’s the DEAL with Clinton Portis and how come he didn’t get the ball MORE? He averaged 4.5 yards per carry. In the third/fourth quarters he had back-to-back-to back rushes for 20 yards, 10 yards and -2 yards. He NEVER touched the ball again in a CLOSE game. Coach Joe used to this too – he’d ABANDON the run and get too cute and the offense would SPUTTER. Ten points? That’s some MIGHTY sputtering…

Oh, and on fourth and four, it would seem PRUDENT to an old Monday Morning Quarterback to have your receivers run routes that are slightly longer than FOUR yards. And, don’t hand me that “yards after catch” (YAC) baloney, cause what happened is there was no YAC except all over every body's burgundy and gold SHOES.

Can’t really FUSS at the defense other than their inability late to stop Marion “Jim ‘EFFIN Brown” Barber. They held the Cowboys to just 14 points and they did it WITHOUT a single sack. Didn’t you pay ZILLIONS to that Dancing With (Old, Retired, Should-Be-Retired, Slowing Down) Stars guy because he was good at SACKING the quarterback? How’s that working out?

Finally, nice UPGRADE on the punter. Guess we didn’t really NEED that draft pick after all what with our HIGH-POWERED offense and what not. Jeez.
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(Photos by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

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