Friday, November 21, 2008


TAH has an operative at the Tar Heel Times, and our mole (and future Pulitzer Prize winner, no doubt) sent us this very important video we will now share with you, loyal readers.

Here’s how it works. Over in Raleigh, NC State has the “free expression tunnel.” It’s a home for graffiti and, well you know, free expression. Kids write whatever they want on the walls and it’s all cool and artsy and, you know, collegiate.

Well according to some wayward Wolfpack sons, in the tradition of free expression, some kids from NCSU went to Chapel Hill prior to last year’s State v. UNC game and splashed some red paint around the Old Well. This did not sit well with the Heels, and, of course, busy as they are, they still managed to find time to hatch a plot for revenge.

So off to Raliegh they went to paint the free expression tunnel Carolina Blue.

Operation Legal Vandalism from Daily Tar Heel on Vimeo.

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