Tuesday, November 4, 2008


As good fortune would have it, Mrs. TAH secured 14th row tix to The Who concert last night at Verizon Center thus relieving us of having to witness our beloved Redskins demise at the hands of those nasty boys from Steeltown. Other than the game, and maybe just a twinge of a hangover, the evening was a complete success.

Not so much for some folks at FedEx field. You know how when you go into the stadium you always notice that some folks leave thier grill on the ground under or near their car? They don't seemed to concerned about the whole FIRE, heat, hot embers, FIRE, gas, car, explosion, FIRE, engulfed in flames, insurance claim, FIRE, no ride home (did we mention FIRE) relationship.

Well, now they care!

According to Dan Steinberg over at D.C. Sports Blog:

Your night was probably bad, but have a bit of perspective: some people's night was probably worse. Like, here's one scenario that would be worse: leaving work early, getting caught in eyebrow-tearing traffic, watching your team get smashed on its much-anticipated Monday Night football stage, watching your stadium fill up with towel-waiving infidels, watching them celebrate as you creep out, and then leaving all that behind and going back to the parking lot to drive to some random exurb for another day of work and finding a burnt, smoking, smelly shell of death-like metal where your car used to be.

And then trying to figure out how the hell you're getting back to Cumberland from Landover at 12:15 a.m. on a Monday night. And cursing the day you decided to go to this game instead of staying home and watching from your couch in your underwear with your car safely out in the drive and the Doritos Collisions within reach.

If you didn't hear, eight cars were heavily damaged in a parking lot fire last night. The cause was unclear, foul play was not suspected, and damages were estimated at $100,000.

By the time I got to the scene, the flames were gone, and the trucks were trying to figure out how best to load these skeletons. "Burnt to a crisp," one bystander noted. The official people on hand said no one could comment about anything.

But at least something Redskins related was on fire, right?

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