Thursday, October 30, 2008


We thought we’d take a quick look at where all of this is gonna end up. As crazy as the ACC season has been to date, there is still a bunch of football to be played.

We'll begin by reviewing the standings (conference record and remaining games only, as that's all that's ultimately relevant). We’re throwing N.C. State and Clemson under the bus as hopeless, and examining the rest of the field.

We have to tell you, everybody’s schedule looks difficult relatively speaking.

November is going to be interesting for a variety of reasons.

MARYLAND - 3-1, at Va. Tech, North Carolina, Florida State, at BC – The Terps are very interesting as they could win or lose all of their remaining games.

FLORIDA STATE - 3-1, at Georgia Tech, Clemson, BC, at Maryland – The Noles have two things that continue to improve and make them a better football team – a mobile freshman QB and a running game.

VIRGINIA - 3-1, Miami, at Wake, Clemson, at Virginia Tech. In spite of the simple fact that their fans want them to lose so they can be rid of Al “Must Go” Groh, the Wahoos will continue to win. Then they will go to a bowl game and puke on themselves. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself, and the anti-Groh forces will be in full throat.

BOSTON COLLEGE - 2-2, Clemson, at Florida State, at Wake, Maryland – While the win over the Hokies made the Eagles look good, the whoopin’ in Chapel Hill made them look like a fraud.

WAKE FOREST - 2-2, Duke, Virginia, at N.C. State, BC – They can’t score, so that makes them the new FSU. They’re doomed.

VIRGINIA TECH - 2-2, - Maryland, at Miami, Duke, Virginia - the Hokies offense sucked when the first - and second- string QBs were in the game. How is the third-string guy and the tight end gonna make it better? They could lose to both Duke and Virginia to end the season…(Don’t hate us Hokie Nation, it is what it is!)

GEORGIA TECH - 3-2, Florida State, at North Carolina, Miami - Veer, wishbone, option, you say “tomato” we say “doesn’t hold up in November.” The Jackets are good, but not as good as first thought. FSU game will tell the tale.

NORTH CAROLINA - 2-2, Georgia Tech, at Maryland, N.C. State, at Duke – the remaining schedule certainly favors the Heels getting GT and rival NCSU at home. Trip to College Park could be the toughest test. An improved Duke bunch makes the traditional year-end rivalry game more interesting, not to mention, risky.

MIAMI – 2-2, at Virginia, Virginia Tech, at Georgia Tech, North Carolina State – like the Terps, they could find a way to win or lose all of these games. Revenge could be a factor this week v. the Hoos.

DUKE – 1-2, at Wake, N.C. State, at Clemson, at Virginia Tech, North Carolina. The improved Blue Devils may be a force to reckon with in the near future, but not this year. Their November is formidable.

(UNC/BC - Zeke Smith, Beamer - Hokies Photo from Reuter’s Pictures, Fridge - AP Photo Mary Ann Chastain)
(And props to our buddy Bogart for the now famous and quite old quote: "Brandon: when is it all gonna end?"

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