Tuesday, October 21, 2008



Last weekend after home wins against the Tar Heels and the Hokies, the UVA and BC faithful (read that students) felt compelled to run onto the field at game’s end.

Really now?

Mind you, the Eagles overcame 5 turnovers to vanquish the offensively hapless Hokies, but it was still just a run-of-the-mill regular season ACC win. Important, but hardly worthy of the post game on-field dash. You guys even felt the need to pull down the goal post...Not cool in the current economy. (Parent/administrator to child: What? You think goal posts are FREE?)

And, you Wahoos…what were you thinking? UNC hasn’t beaten your squad in Charlottesville since the Crimean War, so what’s all the excitement about? While we appreciate the fact that it may not be a pigskin savvy crowd, surely you don’t think you get extra credit for winning in overtime?

Don’t tell me everybody was just looking to get on Sports Center…

Reserve your field charging for when your team a) upsets a top-five Goliathian opponent, b) has just ended some horrific losing streak or c) secures a championship of some sort. Otherwise, turnaround and run the other way – not onto the field, but back to the frat house/dorm/apartment – and get the all important post-game party underway.

Priorities, people!

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