Thursday, October 16, 2008


This from a former coach and college football TV analyst:

So, did Tommy Bowden deserve what happened to him Monday?

Unfortunately, yes.

He deserved it because he, of all people, knew what to expect when he got into this business. We grew up in it.

He knew what to expect when he went to Clemson. He knew that no matter where you go, there is an expectation of success that must be met. After nine years at Clemson, he knew exactly what those expectations were and he knew they had not been met.

Clemson expects to win the conference championship once in a while – and they should. After 10 years of falling short, they deserve the right to try to find a coach they believe can get them there.

One of the neatest comments I ever heard my brother make was his response to a reporter's question: "What was the most important thing you learned from your father about coaching?"
Tommy's reply: "The most important thing I ever learned from my dad was how to act like a head coach."
Monday, it was time to move over and allow Clemson to move on.

And in his final over-the-shoulder (TV news moment), after it became clear he would no longer be a head football coach, Tommy Bowden still remembered how to act like one.

Who you ask?

Tommy Bowden’s brother -- Terry, former Auburn head coach and ABC analyst, writing for

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