Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Somebody down there is mad…really, really mad. Not to mention, a little bitter about something.

Who cares if the University of South Florida is really in central Florida?

Evidenlty, somebody does and they have come up with a web site called: USF SCANDAL.

http://usfscandal.com/ - "Exposing the cheaters at the school for the geographically challenged."

Well, it is in Tampa and the last time we looked that was west-central Florida.

It chronicles all sorts of malfeasance on the part of all things USF Bull. And we gotta tell you, those young bulls have been busy!

Check it out. We particularly liked this part on the right margin:

Arrests (18)
Cheating (20)
Drugs (6)
Felony (16)
Uncategorized (3)

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