Friday, October 10, 2008


by Luke Decock, Raleigh News & Observer (Yes, that is his real name, so don't even start...)

While Wake Forest was turning back the clock on its offense by 60 years; Clemson was going all the way back to the Stone Age.

Wake dug the old single wing out of a playbook somewhere in the back of Jim Grobe's closet. Clemson was reduced to banging two rocks together and hoping for sparks, to no avail.

By going backward, the Deacons took a big step toward the ACC's Atlantic Division title with a 12-7 win Thursday night. Clemson just went backward, period. The preseason favorite in the ACC is going to be lucky to reach the blue turf of Boise, let alone Tampa Bay for the ACC Championship Game.

Wake, meanwhile, has beaten both Clemson and Florida State, which should give the Deacons the early edge in the Atlantic. They had the early edge Thursday when they came out in a modern variation of a formation usually seen in black-and-white films.

After Riley Skinner threw four interceptions in a loss to Navy last time out, the Deacons took him out of the equation entirely, snapping the ball directly to Josh Adams and Bra
ndon Pendergrass on most plays -- and lining Skinner up at wide receiver.

Clemson figured out the scheme soon enough, but it worked long enough to shake loose Wake's stalled running game…
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Wake Forest quarterback Riley Skinner (11) finds some running room and Wake Forest's D.J. Boldin runs for a touchdown as Clemson's Chris Clemons (22) and DeAndre McDaniel, right, try to defend.

(AP Photos by Gerry Broome)

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