Friday, October 10, 2008


According to Washington Redskin Kedric Golston (University of Georgia): "I ain't never been thrown eggs at…”

“…I mean, at Philly, they throw everything."

(Editor’s Note: Did he really say that? According to D.C. Sports blog, which is a damn reliable source, that is exactly what he said.)

Recently the Skins’ Chris Cooley (Utah State) discussed Sunday's egging of his team bus by Eagles fans in admiring tones:

"You know what, though, they're good shots," he said of the Philly fans. "They've been practicing. You could see them coming in; they were leading the bus. It was good egging." The Redskins Blog told a similar tale. Herewith, the Redskins discuss yesterday's performance from the Eagles fans and their love of eggs.

"Oh yeah, they just come raining down when you pull in there," said center Casey Rabach (Wisconsin – can’t you just hear Sarah Palin saying “Wisconsin, you betcha!”). "You know, I don't know how many we got hit with, but it looked like a hailstorm."

"They were lighting it up," WR Devin Thomas (Michigan State) said.

"I'm talking about whoop," WR Malcolm Kelly (Oklahoma) said.

"My bus only got hit with one egg, but I had my headphones on listening to music, and it was like two windows back, and all you hear was thump," Mike Sellers (Walla Walla Community College – not kidding) said. "Everybody starts cracking up, it was like, 'Oh we got here, here it comes.'

"It must have been one of those big ones too, an ostrich egg," Golston said.
"It was crazy, though, because the egg was actually thrown in front of the bus," Kelly said. "It was like a quarterback almost; you throw it to where the receiver's gonna be at. I was very impressed."

(Photos by By Chris Gardner – Getty Images and John Mcdonnell/The Washington Post)

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