Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The FYF Colts are undefeated.

Evidently, it’s a combination of talent and good coaching. But, today, TAH’s crack research discovered that “super powers” may also be playing a role in the FYF Colts dream season.

(Vegas odds makers have the FYF Colts at 2-5 to finish the season undefeated. The mighty-mighty Colts have but two games remaining, both rematches of earlier blowouts. The Sponge Bob Fruit Loops Hot Wheels Championship Bowl is virtually a lock.)

These photos were uncovered just this week of Toly Hansbrough © and J.T. “I AM THE REAL FOOTBALL” Diehl. It appears that these two young stars have more “talent” than first meets the eye!

Um…Neighborhood Watch guys, you can chill…these two have it covered.

The photo essay of the latest victory -Colts 21, Ravens 14 -can be seen at:

(Photos by Young A.T./TAH Photos)

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