Thursday, October 30, 2008


Evidently, new Clemson head coach Dabo Sweeney invited some students to practice this week to participate in some on the field drills with the team.

Here is the follow up sent to TAH by B. Hokie Schulen’s uncle who’s a prof at Kimpson.

An email to the entire student body from Coach Sweeney:
Dear Student Body,
First of all, I would like to offer a sincere thank you for the turnout at practice yesterday. To have hundreds of students attend practice was an inspiration and motivation for the coaches and players alike. I hope all of you enjoyed your afternoon of watching practice, meeting the players and staff, and even kicking some field goals and throwing some passes.

I am sending all of you this email because your work is far from over. Next Saturday Clemson travels to Boston College to take on the Eagles. We need you to follow this team and be loud and proud in the stands during our game. We have several opportunities planned for all of those who travel to this game with us.

You are all invited to participate in the pre-game warmup on the field. When you arrive at the stadium, just show security your student ID card and you will be escorted to the playing field where you will have the opportunity to participate in the pregame pass skeletons, blocking drills, and all other warm-up activities. Imagine the effect it would have on the Boston College football team to look at our side of the field during warmups and see the ENTIRE Clemson student body warming up, ready for action!

After warmups, you are invited to join the team in the locker room to hear the pre-game pep talk by 'Give the Team a Pep-Talk' contest winner, and Sophomore Accounting student, Susie Johnson (3rd from right above). I've already had a chance to read the rough draft of her speech, and it's FANTASTIC!

After you take your seats in the stands, and just before the game begins, volunteers will make their way to the stands and distribute hand-held electronic devices to all students. These electronic devices will allow you to vote for the next offensive play the Tigers will run. At the end of each offensive play, you have 15 seconds to vote for the next play. After 15 seconds, the votes will be tabulated and sent to me.

I will then relay that play in to the Quarterback. Below is a photo of the voting device. Please familiarize yourself with the device before the game, as 15 seconds will go quickly after each play. NOTE: I have instructed the staff to disable the 'BRING DANNY BACK' option, as I really want the job for myself. Please disregard this option on the remote.

Nice, Klimpson, NICE!

(Sweeney -AP Photo by Richard Shiro)

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