Sunday, October 12, 2008


ESPN’s ACC blogger Heather Dinich knows her stuff, but die-hard North Carolina fans claim she doesn’t like the Heels. Most of this is simply exaggerated homerism which causes a loyalty driven overreaction to every written word not dripping in sky blue. As it should be, right?

Well, this weekend, Heather added a little fuel to the Tobacco Road fire by choosing to attend the Miami - Central Florida game in Miami and entertain us with live blog updates on the Canes unimpressive win instead of #22 UNC vs. The University of Football at Notre Dame in Chapel Hill.

Now we don’t know what Ms. Dinich’s travel restrictions might be or if her Grandma lives in South Florida...

Her review (three posts below) of the Heels victory over the Golden Domers won’t win her any new friends either.

(Photo by Al Diaz/Miami Herald)

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