Sunday, October 5, 2008


The FYF Colts, featuring multi-sport future scholarship athlete Toly Hansbrough ©, used a monster goal line stand at the end of third quarter to preserve a hard fought victory over the still bigger Ravens 21-14. While the Colts ran around the bigger Ravens in their first game of the year, the Ravens are much faster and much better.

Using a clever safety blitz to the outside edges, the five- and six-year-old Ravens put a stop to the Colt’s previously unstoppable outside rushing game. When the east/west approach didn’t work, Coach Chris Pearson and his crack staff utilized an inside north/south running game to grind out the yards and the game.

Once the kids bought into the concept of “turning it up field,” the Colts recovered from a good square sock in the mouth administered by a Raven squad looking for first grade revenge. Once the Colts figured it out, they moved the ball consistently and had one touchdown run and another long run that ended up inside the five called back by holding penalties.

A third quarter stop just short of the goal line by a tenacious Colts’ defense sealed the deal.

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