Sunday, October 19, 2008


The FYF Colts continue terrorize the instructional league again Saturday morning with another easy win over the improved (and crying less) Redskins. Colt head coach Chris Pearson gave his starters minimal time, and did his best to keep it close. The final score was either 42-7, 49-7 or 56-7, we aren’t sure which.

The confusing score is due to the Colts’ pulling off another first. Early in the game, the Redskins attempted a pass which the Colts’ J. Lawson intercepted and ran back for a…for a…hmmm.

You see the instructional guys play on half of the field. Lawson caught the ball and ran it back untouched into the middle of the Falcons v. Ravens game on the other half of the field. Is that a touchdown?

After consulting with the available league officials (the Colts’ coaches), we declared it a touchdown.

In the second half, Lawson did it again. The Redskins tried another pass, he intercepted and headed the other way. This time, the Ravens and Falcons saw him coming and parted the sea.

Toly Hansbrough ©’s homie Jack “Sparrow” Pieja #71 (above) had one carry for ten yards.

Nice, Jack, NICE!

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