Wednesday, September 10, 2008


As the Virginia football team prepares for Saturday's game at Connecticut, quarterback Peter Lalich continues to face questions regarding his off-field behavior. Lalich, who was put on probation in July after facing a misdemeanor charge of unlawful purchase and possession of alcohol, yesterday addressed a published report that claimed he admitted to using marijuana and alcohol after being placed on probation.

"I have not smoked or done any drugs while on my probation," said Lalich, a West Springfield graduate who also talked about adjusting to a life in which his actions -- on and off the field -- fall under public scrutiny.

In high school, Lalich said many people did not know he even played football. Now he is the subject of local, regional and national news reports.

"It's obviously different, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's tough," Lalich said. "It's not tough on me. It's probably more tough on my parents than me."

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