Wednesday, September 10, 2008


In November, Mark Warner will probably make history when he beats Jim Gilmore for a seat in the United States Senate by a margin of 60/40 or maybe even worse. Warner may also play a role in the presidential race if he chooses to campaign for the Obama/Biden ticket in the Commonwealth where a Democrat hasn’t won the state in a presidential election since FDR or Kennedy, or somebody a long time ago.

But the Raleigh News-Observer’s J.P. Giglio reminds us of just one of the good things Warner did as the Governor of Virginia:

“…If not for the former Virginia governor, the ACC would have added Syracuse instead of Virginia Tech. The Hokies are 43-12, with two conference titles, since joining the ACC. The Orange? After Saturday's loss to Akron (Chuck Amato's on Line 1, Greg Robinson), the 'Cuse is 7-30 under Robinson.

The only ACC team unhappy with the Orange's exclusion is Duke.”
Amen, brother.

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