Thursday, September 11, 2008


Look, we all like to joke about how those Cal Berkeley kids are a little bit kooky. Well…maybe they are.

Here’s an excellent example via Deadspin.

Yesterday, after a 21 month “tree off” with officials, Cal protestors are climbing down out of the trees where they have lived for almost two years. (They had a bucket system: Food up, crap down.)

The protest began when Cal announced that they were planning a $124 million dollar expansion of athletic facilities just outside their football stadium. The tree-sitters decided the 42 campus trees had to be protected and have been living in their branches ever since. In typical Berkeley fashion, the Cal officials put up a fence surrounding the perimeter of the trees and allowed the protest to continue while litigation ran its course.

Yesterday afternoon the four final tree sitters were removed from a single remaining tree. Rumor has it that officials told the protestors that the Cal vs. Maryland series was a home-and-home and that this time next year Ralph Friedgen would come to campus and eat both the tree and the protestors.

Officials showed the protestors a picture of the Fridge, and said “No, bull****, we’re not kidding.”

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