Thursday, September 11, 2008


ACC purists, you know the folks back from the eight-team days, are quick to point out why other schools should not be part of the beloved Conference.
There are certainly some ECU detractors out there who consider their Down East neighbor to be…well, let’s just say, inferior.

We won’t weigh in yet, but clearly some ECU fan, alum, player or student needs to work on his sense of humor and reading skills.

A comment posted on TAH yesterday in reaction to the satirical post regarding the ACC inviting ECU to the party didn’t help much. It goes like this…

“with quality wins over two ACC schools – Virginia Tech and West Virginia"

When did West Virginia get into the ACC?

I hope that photo...isn’t of Coach Holtz, cause it isn't.

a) We checked, and sure enough right after the sentence ECU Commenter is quoting, we resolved the matter. Hey, Purpleandgoldbeard, put your Coastal Bucaneering 300 text book and/or beer pong ball down, and read the NEXT sentence -- “When reminded by an aide that WVU was not yet in the ACC…” Call us crazy, but we think that covers it.

Satire, color ye Pirate.

b) ECU Commenter is correct. The photo we published yesterday IS NOT Skip Holtz, and we have no earthly idea who it is…That’s Coach Holtz on the left in the above photo. Sorry, bro. Duly noted, and repaired.

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