Thursday, September 25, 2008


According to ESPN’s ACC blogging guru(ette) Heather Dinich:

Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer and his staff met on Sunday, watched some film, and then met again.
They're still trying to figure out the best direction for this young offense to head, and so far there have been hints of implementing more spread offense concepts.

"We're working on it," Beamer said. "We're working on what we think fits Tyrod [Taylor] and what fits our football team. We've just got figure out exactly what fits and what's best.

"The bottom line is if you can run it, you've got a great chance to throw it and if you can throw it you've got a great chance to run it. That's what we're trying to work on, become a balanced offensive football team. We want to do that. We're working hard to get there."

Beamer called his team's come-from-behind 20-17 win at North Carolina "one of the more satisfying wins," and said he's proud of his staff and players for hanging in there.

"Finding a way to get it done, that's a real rewarding feeling for me," Beamer said. "They're playing so hard. We don't always play well, but so far we've played hard. That means something."

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