Monday, September 8, 2008


Distraught over his Terps lackluster and embarrassing loss to the unheralded Middle Tennessee State Moccasins, Maryland head coach Ralph Friedgen abruptly left the team late Saturday night following the game in Murfreesboro.

Friedgen resurfaced on Sunday at the Charles Street Bar in St. Michaels, Maryland. The loss, the worst since the Terps opening game swoon to Northern Illinois a few campaigns back, was such a shock that Friedgen lost 100 lbs. during the game.

The slightly thinner Ralph is shown here behind the C Street bar with three TAH stalwarts. (from left VTech Flikeid, Maryland/Clemson Blaser and Clemson/Maryland Blaser...don't ask, it's complicated).

NEWS FLASH: No, turns out it wasn’t Ralph after all. As traumatized as he might be, he’s back in College Park getting ready for the Cal Bears visit this weekend. The fellow in the picture is Ralph’s separated at birth twin brother Elton "Wheaton" Friedgen who’s having some trouble keeping the “Fridge like” weight on…

(Phots by TAH)

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