Thursday, September 25, 2008


There is a new rule in the No Fun League this year: The defense is allowed to have one radio-equipped helmet on the field. This means the green helmet dot that quarterbacks wore last season, to indicate that their lids were wired for sound, will now have a matching green dot over on the defensive side of the ball.

(Yeah, we all thought that the green dot on the QBs helmet was a stop sign that told defense players in the heat of battle to “not kill this guy.” We were wrong. Sue us.)

All of that aside, the NFL has once again gone branding crazy. Last year’s “wired dot” was bright green. This year the dot has been "improved" by the addition of NFL logo. God forbid we should get any counterfeit dots in mingled in with the legit dots…

According to ESPN’s Paul Lucas of UniWatch fame: This isn't the stupidest uni-related thing the NFL has ever done, but that's only because the league tried to keep Mike Nolan from wearing a suit. Seriously, is it necessary to brand everything?

Were they worried that someone might be doing a brisk trade in unlicensed black-market green dot stickers? And besides it doesn't even work on a design level, because you can't make out the logo unless you're up close. From a distance, it just looks like an indistinct Rorschach blot.

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